Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Photos from Miles Away - and I almost forgot a title

We will be heading out of the door for some toddler activity in a moment as soon as toddler is done taking one spoonfull of leftover milk out of big sister's cup and one spoonfull of cerial with milk out of his bowl and one spoonfull of leftover milk .... you get the picture. He is doing a pretty good job. Surprisingly. And it's cute to watch. Our little big boy.
I take the one moment I have left to show a few different pictures from quite a bit further away, all the way in Iraq. Leland takes pictures, but he is not so big in taking pictures of himself or getting pictures of himself taking so these are very special. Believe me. He even took one on the way there!

The guys were very limited in what to pack, they had the space, they even got new big bags, but the weight limit counted for them as much as for any other airtraveler - they got a couple more pounds - but their equipment is HEAVY. So beside that heavy equipement and a few necessities, and a few small extra, those three guys packed their motorcycle club vests. LOL. They just had, too. Must be a guy thing. But I am sure that there will be more patches one them by the time they come back. And it's a piece from home.

And after this is all the space he got, it probably was a good idea NOT to take more with him.
LOL. Most we send in a box to him is edible. Or useful. Or decorative (three kids love to color). And if we are lucky it makes him smile or even laugh.
Unfortunately, Soren reached his limit for to fit in a flat rate box, but we can try a priority mail box this deployment.


  1. It is always an honor when pictures like this are shared! I'm so glad you got some pictures of him since they sound like they are rare!

    Have fun during your toddler activities! It's going to be in the 60s here today so I am looking forward to getting out of the house with mine!

  2. Getting pictures are the best! I've never got any so I bet it's a joy.

    It's always a battle to pack isn't? You try to think of things they will need or use but you try to give them a few peieces of home too. It's so annoyingly complicated. My husband has to be able to fit everything in a small locker or under his cot.

    Love your blog!



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