Monday, November 29, 2010

NOT on today's to-do-list

It looked like a great start of the week - me being uo before 6 am Monday morning, even the first load of laundry was already running a couple minutes after getting up, the kitchen picked up within minutes and the girls are actually getting ready for the school bus peacefully while Soren still snoozes away. No fits yet, no yelling until the daughters of the house leave for the bus and Brynne sneakes out. Usually our puppy is pretty good - okay, that might be stretching the truth, but overall she is getting better at listening outside and not to run off in case Soren let's her out of the fence. She just runs inside. But this morning it was still dark and she ran like a lighting barking at the girls. No big deal, she loves them and they can hold on her until I get there. However that thought was lost when Brynne discovered Vincenzo, the cat of the house and his favorite opponent in the daily cat and dog fights,  and chased after him. Vincenzo stopped and I got my turn trying to catch the puppy, who went the opposite wat all arounf the property. Finally I caught her at the other end and walked through the backyard back and I hear from the bus stop "Good Job, Mami!" Thanks I could have skipped this morning exercise in the dark, especially from that little puppy who is laying lazy next to me, belly side up, wanted to be pat.

Dog, do you want to know something - Chasing you in the darkeness of the morning around the property is for sure NOT on today's to-do-list.

Can we still call this the start of a good week?

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a little bit of everything ...

... is happening here in a not so quiet house. My bakers in training times three are working hard with Oma on the first Christmas cookies of the year. They are prepping the cough dough, rolling, shaping and cutting out cookies. They are busy glazing them with egg yolk and discussing which sprinkles go on top. It already smells good in the house.

In between the first Christmas present is getting finished. Soren is enjoying having his hands my containers of buttons and spilling them onto the table. He helps choosing the buttons we need for our present. The last button is sewed on and we only need to wrap it in lots of paper.

After some more work in the house from laundry to cleaning, to cooking and playing, I might get the chance to check out my little treasure I found a few days ago. Miguel was so nice to part with it after collecting lots of antiques and I need to check it out how well it still works. It is beautiful nevertheless.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Therapy, my way ...

just as the three words already mentioned it - therapy - something that is truly required on some days. I can offer my own psychological evaluation in a mini version backed up with page numbers if I dig my book back out, but the offered solutions and therapy suggestions covered in the book are not the same as I am using.

Mine is creative. Simple.

I didn't say cheap. I am not paying for a trained professional but supplies might be pricy depending on the type of creativity you will get addicted through therapy. But you can also be creative when looking for supplies and simply use what you have on hand. I digged in my stack of fabric and finally staretd sewing again. With no real plan. Just cutting up fabric. Patching it together. Perfectionism set aside until recovery.

The little crazy cricket square block was one of the first this morning.

By the evening, with a few breaks in between because some things in life just have to be done nevertheless. - Anybody volunteering to write an argument/persuasion paper? Just asking. - there were a couple more blocks turned into little quilted pillowcases. There are still waiting for the their inlay to be turned into spa warming pillows, but let's take one step at a time.

Especially now EVERYBODY who set foot in our house today, also used the sewing machine age three to unlimited (I am prohibited to mention the real age.) There are literally cat fights over the little sewing machine, besides the cat using the big one by stepping on the foot pedal and sewing its own stitches - luckily there were not my hands close.

One more luckily - this littlest one does not know YET that the steppeing on the footpedal is an essential part of using a sewing machine. He sews. If youle him nonstop. Until the day before toda he only pressed my buttons, but after watching yesterday and this morning his sisters closely, there is no more stopping.

Oma is stepping on the foot pedal here, but he does EVERYTHING ELSE. Isn't it crazy.

After she took the foot of the pedal he moved the machine back to the little table to see if he could get it work again. LOL.

semplicemente giallo

Life is complicated. Most of the time. At least it appears like it. It always feels like there are always stones thrown in your way to make you stumble. Eventually you figure out a way, but it takes faith and strength and conquering life step by step. Still with every step you keep adding on more to life instead of making in simpler. Simpler in treasuring what you already have. Simpler in enjoying the simple things in life. I love modern life. What the heck would I do without it. However, it is not everything. Taking a or two step back sometimes might gives us more as just keeping on running faster and faster to more.

The last months were extremely stressful and there was absoluely no time for anything. My head was stuck in school books or writing papers. Even the rare trip to the park with the kids and the dog was in the company of my papers to keep on studying while the kids roamed around and climbed andenjoyed the beautiful weather outside. I am not done, I still have more papers, more exams due and more to come, but I finally can see and do something else for right now, too. My sewing machine was tested after getting overhauled and runs so smoothly. Now I just need time.

However, I found the time to try out something new and the house smelled very intense lemony last night after peeling lots of lemons. It smelled so good. The girls came up one by one to figure out where this aroma came from. I started making Limoncello. The bright yellow color of the lemons was already so appealing and the flavor is just amazing that it just had to cheer you up. In a couple days we can check on our started Limoncello and hopefully add the second part to sample it soon and bring a touch of sunny Sicily in our home.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


After almost two months hardly taking any pictures I was snapping away Saturday afternoon and watching the kids enjoying the Halloween activities with their friends. I could post them all like I did in the album on facebook, but this one here is enough. Friends - little and big ones.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Just a Card

A play card with a picture that's all it is.

It is a card from an old game with have since years. A game that was collecting dust in the garage, because nobody paid attention to it until tonight. Tonight Soren discovered it and opened the box. Pulled out all the sparkling cards and wanted to play. One round, two rounds, and he was begging for another one. It's amazing  to see how happy a simple game can make a little boy.


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