Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh Bother, Brother!

The mystery of life!

Well, ...

are there really more words necessary?

It got dusted off today.
Detangled the all tangled up threads today.
Digged out description booklet again today.

But still a mystery.

Hours later I know for sure how to thread it after threading it again and again because it ripped, slipped out and it ran out and that all not just once each till the end I finally swichted the practice thread to white. I dared to switch the idiot proof colored coded threading system to white thread even my girls loved all the the COLORFUL seams. So now it would just be good to know more about the stitches.

Well, at least I used it once this year.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

TUTORIAL: Pencil Pouch - Schlamperlmaepple

All you need for making a pencil pouch are two 10"x12" pieces of fabric, iron-on interfacing and one zipper at least 12" long. My zippers are usually at least 14" long. It is easier to work with a little extra on each end. More fabric and embellishments from felt, buttons, ... are optional.

Zum Naehen eines Schlampermaepple braucht man nur zwei Stueck Stoff 10" x 12", aufbuegelbares Interfacing und einen Reissverschluss mindestens 12" lang. Ein bisschen laenger ist vonVorteil, da man damit leichter arbeiten kann. Weiter Stoffe, Filz, Knoepfe ... sind nur extras.

I used Chiara's old jeans for this pouch and so I first had to sew two pieces cut of of the legs to get a large enough piece of material to work with. But I am in recycling mood.

Ich habe eine von Chiaras alten Jeans verwendet und musste somit erstmal zwei kleinere Stuecke zusammennaehen um Stoffstueck zu haben, dass gross genug ist um damit arbeiten zu koennen. Aber momentan ist hier Recycling angesagt.

First you cut your outer pouch fabric in size 10 x 12 inches.

Alles erstes den (Aussen)Stoff fuer das Schlamperlmaepple auf 10x12 inches zuschneiden.

I added another strip of fabric for decoration, with the edges folded in 1/4 " and sewed it on

Ich fuegte einen weiteren Streifen Stoff als Deko hinzu, dazu habe ich die Aussenkanten 1/4" eingeschlagen und auf den Jeansstoff aufgenaeht.

To give the pouch a better form I add some interfacing as stabilizer and cut it the same size 10x12 inches as the pouch fabric.

Damit das Maepple die Form besser Halten kann fuege ich Interfacing als Stabilator hinzu. Das Interfacing auch  10"x12" zuschneiden.

Iron the interfacing onto the back side of the pouch fabric.

Das Interfacing wird auf die linke Seite des Maepplestoffes gebuegelt.

Add the zipper to first top side of the pouch, here the 12" side.
I fold the fabric back and stitch with 1/4" the edge.

Der Reissverschluss wird auf die erste lange (12") Seite genaeht
 und mit einer 1/4" Nahtzugabe abgesteppt.

Repeat this step with the second top side.
For stitching the edge I open the zipper almost all the way.

Diesen Schritt auch mit der zweiten langen Seite wiederholen.
Zum Absteppen des Reissverschlusses auf der zweiten Seite oeffne ich den Reissverschluss fast komplett.

When you are done with adding the zipper it will look like this.

Wenn der Reissverschluss eingenaeht ist, dann sieht es so aus.

Fold the pouch with the zipper in the middle and pin it on both sides.

Das Maepple so falten, dass der Reussverschluss in der Mitte liegt und auf beiden Seiten feststecken.

I usually add a little label right there in the middle or sew a small strip of fabric (about 4 x 1 inches finished size will be folded over). It makes it easier to hold on when opening the pouch with the zipper.

Normalerweise fuege ich ein Label an dieser Stelle auf einer Seite mit hinzu oder einen genaehten Streifen Stoff (ca. 4 x 1 inches fertig, dieser wird dann doppelt gelegt). Dies vereinfacht spaeter das Aufziehen des Reissverschlussen vom Maepple.

I sew with a little bit bigger seam allowance the whole edge closed, but go over the the zipper several times back and forth.

Make sure your zipper is NOT closed all the way when you sew the second side closed.

Rechts und links mit einer Nacht die Seiten schliessen. Ich verwende hier normalerweise eine ein bisschen groessere Nahtzugabe und naehe mehrmals ueber den Reissverschkluss zur Verstaerkung.

Bevor die zweite Seite zugenaeht wird, NICHT vergessen, den Reissverschluss zu oeffnen.

Open the zipper as fas as you can. It will make it easier to fold down the corners into these triangles.
I lay them down on my cutting mat and measure exactly 1" up (height) on the seam and 2" in the width. Pin it and mark it on all four corners.

Der Reissverschluss wird nun so weit geoeffnet wie moeglich. Das vereinfacht das Herunterfalten der Ecken zu Dreiecken. Diese lege ich auf meine Schneidematte und messe ab: 1" an der Nacht in die Hoehe und 2" Breite, das wird festgesteckt und markiert and allen vier Ecken.

Sew on the marked lines and then cut of the tip with a seam allowances.

Es wird auf den Markierungen genaeht und die Ecken mit einer Nahtzugabe abgeschnitten.

 Turn it inside out.

Einfach umdrehen.

For the lining repeat almost all the steps except no interfacing and leave the zipper out. Instead just iron the long edges 1/4" to the left side, because the lining needs to be all the way open. I just pin the lining a little more when closing the sides and also add NO label or fabric strip of course.

Do not turn the lining inside out when done.

Fuer das Futter des Maepple werden fast alle vorhergende Schritte wiederholt. Aber es muss dafuer kein Interfacing verwendet werden und auch kein Reissverschluss, stattdessen einfach die oberen Kanten mit einer Nahtzugabe von 1/4" zur linken Seite umbuegeln, da das Futter komplett offen bleiben muss. Ich stecke das Futter mit mehr Nadeln fest wenn ich die Seiten schliessen und fuege natuerlich kein Label hinzu.

Das Futter bleibt auch links und wird nicht umgedreht.

Just set the lining inside the outer pouch and pin the top to the zipper. Now I sew it by hand with hidden stitches together. Instead of  stitching all the way in the  strip of the zipper I only go through the loops of the seam I made when sewing the zipper in, so you can't see the stitches on the outside.

That's it.

Nun das Futter in das Maepple setzen und nur die obere Kante an den Reissverschluss feststecken. Diese Kante naehe ich nun mit der Hand mit versteckten Stichen fest, gehe dabei am Reissverschluss nur in die Naht , da ich natuerlich nicht moechte, dass man Stiche auf der anderen Seite sehen kann.

Das wars.

Usually I know more expressions in English when I am sewing and quilting, but today I truly was stucked with lots of expressions in German. So I apologize if it sounds confusing. But let me know if there are any more questions.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

It's snowing in Texas ... on Christmas Eve

P.S. Believe me it was truly impossible to get a xmas picture with three here at any time earlier.

Monday, December 7, 2009

It was a long year ...but finally - Welcome Home

We made it to the Cooper Field, just on time with 2 out of 3 balloons, our sign, all bundled up and still waiting.

We knew Leland was already in Texas. We knew he already landed in Ft. Hood. This time he had his phone and texted. He called that they were in the bus and and on the way to the field while we were still on the way to Ft. Hood an hour till the ceremony time. "We are running late. - Fantastic!" The road through the country is empty just us, but right in front of post everything is packed. Everybody wants to get in and I can't remember the last time when it took me 20 minutes just to get from the hospital through the gate. Why today? Finally.

He texts "Soon".

We still have to get through half of Ft. Hood and every traffic light was on red. Of course, by the time we get there he will be waiting on us with. We see the signs, the road and almost missed it right in front of our nose even we have been there more as once before, just 10 days ago.

But only a few soldiers in sight, music blasting out of the speakers and it's freezing cold. We made it and no busses in sight. Where are they. It took us forever and we are further away. The army!

Chiara and Soren are running on the field with the other kids, Bella stays close to me. Ten minutes later an announcement out of the speakers to clear the field, the cavalery horses are riding up. Soren is throwing a fit. He wants to keep running on the field. He is throwing himself on the ground. Tantrum. - until walking back to the car, thanks - . Finally the busses are driving up. And we can see them lining up behind.

Chiara saw her Dad right away. He was in the first row, the second from the right.

WELCOME BACK HOME, we love you!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009



Well. That's actually not really describing what's going on here. But how do hundreds of questions - especially from Chiara - from the time she wakes up and goes to school to the moment she walks through the door and goes to bed and beyond and also from Bella's  fit in a title line. Luckily Soren doesn't ask questions. 'Mmmmmm'.  I ask questions. Lots of them usually.

When is Daddy coming home? Is Daddy coming home today? Do you know my horsie's name? What time is he coming home? When is Christmas? What day is Christmas? What is your second name? My second name is? Does Daddy have a second name? Where am I born? When is Daddy coming home? Can I have a horse? I really want a dog for Christmas. Mmmmmmm? What is horse in deutsch? When does the party start? Is the party starting yet? Can I have CANDY?

But for the moment, just my head hurts due to not enough sleep. I can't sleep and if I can then my toddler thinks he must wake up right then or the cat because I do not need sleep. Right.

One of my questions usually is:

Me: 'Is your room picked up?'

Either Kid: 'Let me check.'

You can figure out that that means no, because they usually do not come back, disappear into nowhere, out of my sight - probably playing.

If you are wondering why we are short of pictures, I need to charges batteries, the little ones for the little camera, the big one is on way back from repairs - mmmmh - I am not used to look at the screen for taking pics anymore and they turn out blurry. I might try later, because there is a lot to do here and I also need to go and keep myself busy while waiting.


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