Sunday, October 2, 2011

김밥 - kimbap

Somebody ate the prepared beef in the fridge. Guess who? It wasn't the dog.

김밥 - kimbap

However after change of plan and with some chicken, cucumber and carrot strips and the last eggs prepared I finally got to my kimbap experiment.

It is quite easy to make. Husband liked it. Kids not so much. Me. Hmm. The seaweed is definitely a taste that needs to be acquired and I don't like seafood. Even after I made a whole box full of kimbap I still had leftover fixes the next day, so I thought I try a version my kids might prefer. Instead of seaweed I rolled all the ingredients in tortillas. Voila. Happy kids and nothing left.

They are already asking for more.
Perhabs we should wrap the seaweed inside the tortilla?! Okay, it's a silly idea.


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