Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zoom, zoom, zoom


... is NOT my new favorite word. And neither am I talking about my Mazda parked outside.
Zoomed in is my TV since a couple days.
Since there are several remotes in this house for TV, cable box, dvd player broke/home theatre system, dvd player working (including German DVDs) there is always one that gets into Soren's hands. He is ALWAYS a lucky fellow there. And believe me even he doesn't read or talk he figures the remote out that the recorded menu shows up and Go Diego Go is marked for him just waiting for the Play button to be pushed.
But back to ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. He zoomed the TV in. I know and used the Aspect setting before and KNOW how to use it. Easy. No big deal. But somehow there is another possibility to zoom in, one which is not marked on a button on the remote, I tried every single one. I searched every setting on every remote. Nix - Nada - Niente.
And sad as it is, he did that to me before. And also when Leland was gone to training for 30 days, BUT this time Leland is gone for 365 days and I hate watching TV with cut off heads or unreadable subtitles.
P.S. Believe me I even googled for help.
I found IT. Ypppeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I guess you just need to scream loud enough and suddenly it's there. Now just need to find the missing library book and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. lol

Thursday, January 29, 2009

just thursday

This is the way our sneaky Soren cleans up his stuff on the table apart from what he didn't threw on the floor. I might want to check the box if there are still any cheerios inside. lol

Can you see what I can see? They is something all three of those have in common! They must belong together. They are all digging in DIRT with one appleseed to plant.

Leftover or a sign of spring?
It's still January and we find these in the neighbor's yard.

I know that there is one person who might gues what's inside this jar. I know she knows. To see more just click here.

handmade buttons

Yes, playdough is a permanent habitant in our house, but usually the girls are so happily occupied with it that I stay far away from it until it comes to the clean up part.

Today I played playdooh FIMO. It's a long time ago I touched it, but I saw something and I just couldn't resist trying it out. Handmade Buttons. I had no design in my mind, just getting started with it.

They didn't turn out perfect, it's a while ago I played playdooh, but I already learned one lesson - stay away from the Effect FIMO - it was so much harder to work with as the Soft FIMO, and leaves streaks when you cut it, but it looks neat with the glitter I have to admit. They are not totally round, I tried, but each of them is unique. Does that count?

After baking them for 3o minutes in the oven they first attempt of making buttons was finished.

Now I will have to see what I am actually going to use them for.
P.S. Soren put his hand hand right away in the jar, grab a handfuk and tried to stuff them in his mouth. I guess the look good enough too eat. Yummy.

One of my little artists was at work here.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Look at those two. friends. since Pre-K. Edi and Chiara. They were such tight friends in Pre-K as boy & girl friend with another a little boy to add to the typical triangle disasters that all three got split up in three different Kindergarden classes. But FRIENDS are FRIENDS.

Friday afternoon I had a photo session with Edi and his two younger brothers. One handsome boy, a sweet toddler and an adorable 2 months old I got to meet for the first time. While I was working on their picture proofs today I came to these pictures from the shoot. In school our Kindergardeners decided that Edi is going to wear a black shirt and Chiara is changing in a dress for taking pictures together. Mmmmm. Until now Mamas still have a sayso about that, but they di get their pictures taken together which they could hardly wait for.

Even in some ways I am ready to leave Texas to move on to the next place - we are already here for three years longer as anywhere else before - it is good for our kids to have the possibility to build up friendships for more as just a year and that is something very special in our life. With being right within the military people are coming and going left and right.
So it makes me smile seeing them with their friends from the beginning of their school time here as they might not have their kindergarden friends forever through their whole time in school with the next move.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Stuffed Little Hearts

Those little hearts are a cute decorations for the house, I just still try to find the perfect spot for them. I even likethem hanging from a doorknob, but Soren disagrees with me and usually takes my doorknob decorations faster down as I put them up.

All hearts have a pocket in the front so I can a little note, perhabs folded or rolled up and a sweet treat with it for my girls on valentines. Perhabs the striped hearts still need a bow, but I didn't make up my mind yet and like them as simple as they are. I hope you enjoy them, too.

Shoes & Happyness

(It's taken on a sunny day a little while ago, you might have seen it before.)

Yesterday was one of those days which most people hate- grey, foggy, wet and beautiful.

If I wouldn't have been so tired all day, I 'd had the camera in my hand and snapped pictures. You guys know me, I am almost always up for pictures. Yes, yesterday was a truly lovely day, not one bit of sunshine. If you live in Texas you LOVE every single day like that. Even my kids like them.
Soren especially, because he gets to wear his little itty bitty rubberboats Oma brought from Germany and today he wore them all the time gone - why should I worry about where he steps, trying to avoid every single puddle and soaking his socks and shoes while spending hours and hours waiting until our car was done with its installation. And it seems that rubberboats are something extraordinary, because we got to hear remarks about it "How cute!"& "Look at those boots!" left and right where Soren walked.

BUT, there always has to be a but, my winter shoes/rain shoes are on the edge of breaking, ripping and loosing their sole. Not water proof at all. But I LOVE those shoes for all the four years I have them and worn A LOT. I really don't want to let something so beloved go - I had no choice with my husband to let him go, but not loose (11 more months to go). So I looked pretty much everywhere for a replacement (pair of shoes, of course, what were you thinking?). Without luck. Today we passed a shoe store while waiting and even I was there before we strolled through and where do I go as always to MUDD shoes. There are really comfy and I do like their looks. A little bit pricey if I would pay regular price for them, but I never do. So after passing all the sneaker, all the dressy cute shoes - I would have easily found more in that department - I passed the same ones I had seen last time - not the perfect winter/rain shoes, but considering where we live, it doesn't rain so often and it will work with some rain, I still can wear black socks if it is cool and even wear them in summer, they have the perfect height of heel and I could walk all day in them. So I tried them on - the only ones in the store - they fit - we took them, got ou extra military discount and were done. YEAH.
And if it is too much water I just end up barefoot, watershoes or invest in a pair of "cute "rubberboots, perhabs those would make me as happy as they make Soren just in a huge size. LOL.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

One day is just not enough in San Antonio

Without knowing we really picked the perfect day for a trip to San Antonio. A weekend after the Mud festival there when all off the Riverwalk is getting drained and cleaned, a day after it still was cold to on a day with perfect weather for spending all day outside and before the freezing cold weekend. Doesn't thos blooming bud not give a glimpse of spring already right there in the park around the Alamo?

Yes, one of those seldom pictures with all four of us on. Soren was not in the mood to look, but we managed keeping him in the stroller for a while longer which was pretty helpful there until we came to all the stairs up and down all day long.

San Antonio is beautiful. Just beautiful. I am truly no city girl, but I enjoyed spending the day there as did the kids. We parked the car and got easily everywhere else where we wanted to go by foot, just like in Germany. There were always spots to sit outside to watch people, to get a sip to drink or a snack. I still do not know why we let the kids choose to eat at the Rainforest Cafe INDOORS on such a gorgeous day with so many restaurants offering tables outside along the riverwalk. That place drove me nuts, noisy, dark and worst of all the menu was absolutely not appealing in any way. But the kids were hungry and loved the place.

After lunch we took a riverboat tour and saw all off the riverwalk accompany by silly jokes from the boat captain like "and did you see the boat captain in the movie .... ? It wasn't me!" Or "There's a mexican restaurant, a french restaurant, a mexican restaurant, a BBQ place, a mexican restaurant, a texmex place, a mexican restaurant, ....." you get it. But it was a nice tour.

We saw all of the 2.5 miles of the riverwalk by boat and walked all off it by feet along the river, over bridge, stairs up and down, with an empty stroller and with a stroller filled with a heavy sleeping Soren.

We started out day in San Antonio with the Alamo and we ended it with it.

Believe me that we took lots of pictures in San Antonio and this is just a glimpse of it. But hopefully someday we go back for another visit.

Fabric Bookcovers

Here is my first attempt of making a bookcover with fabric for an old notebook from strips of fabric and some batting. The notebook can easily be exchanged when it is full because it works like a slip cover.

Of course after Chiara saw mine she wanted one for her notebook, too, and how can I say no? So we took the leftover fabric from her heart found some coordinateting strips.

Those are the first attempts for bookcovers but more are in plans if I find the time for them.

Hearts full of Love

Both of my girls were busy sewing hearts last weekend especially Isabell. Look at big pile she made with Oma's help. But she sewed all the bows on by herself and each has a different pearl or bead. She was working really hard all afternoon.

Here is Chiara' heart. Isn't it cute?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Silly Soren

I know that I am going to jinx myself now. It is going to happen, because it's just too good to be true. But once a while you are allowed to brag.

Soren is usually so easy to get to go to bed. We have no 100% set ttime for bed, but he normally goes to bed between 7:30 and 9 pm. Today he went to bed before 6 pm and I thought he would get back up, but he is zonked out - I guess catching up sleep after he ONLY slept 1.5 hours in the stroller while waiting 2.5 hours at the pharmacy at Darnell. BACK to Soren's bedtime routine. When it is time for bed he waves Good Night to whoever is left awake and I bring him with is blanket and pacifier to bed. I sneak his pacifier he gets up gives me a Good Night kiss and throws himself in his bed giggling. He gets his pacifier back, I cover him up with one of his two green snuggle blankets and turn the old lullabye on (the one that all three of my kids slept with).
I turn the lights off, close the door and leave. DONE DEAL.

Yes, done deal, that's what I thought one night last week. But all of a sudden I kept hearing noises coming out of Soren's room and I found this:

With Vincenzo Tiger in his bed there was no way Soren was going to sleep. The cat was purring and getting ready to find a comfy place of his own in Soren's crib. So he was back up and no sign of sleep.

Soren also loves to climb. Especially to climb on the kitchen table. He is fast. You sit right next to him on a chair and with the blink of an eye he is sitting, laying or standing on top grinning from one ear to the other. Plus he had a blast to send the penguins from our table decoration on a lazy susy spinning until the were flying off,

After all the hard work to make the penguins fly Soren decided he is old enough to use the self service in our kitchen and fixed his own drink, of course with a straw.

Take a closer look at the delicious assembling of battle cap and fabric scraps in an orange tiger bowl.

One thing is sure, all three of my kids are no missing any imagination or plain sillyness! And Soren is not standing in any way or shape behind his sisters. He is right there in the front line with silly ideas.


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