Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Look at those two. friends. since Pre-K. Edi and Chiara. They were such tight friends in Pre-K as boy & girl friend with another a little boy to add to the typical triangle disasters that all three got split up in three different Kindergarden classes. But FRIENDS are FRIENDS.

Friday afternoon I had a photo session with Edi and his two younger brothers. One handsome boy, a sweet toddler and an adorable 2 months old I got to meet for the first time. While I was working on their picture proofs today I came to these pictures from the shoot. In school our Kindergardeners decided that Edi is going to wear a black shirt and Chiara is changing in a dress for taking pictures together. Mmmmm. Until now Mamas still have a sayso about that, but they di get their pictures taken together which they could hardly wait for.

Even in some ways I am ready to leave Texas to move on to the next place - we are already here for three years longer as anywhere else before - it is good for our kids to have the possibility to build up friendships for more as just a year and that is something very special in our life. With being right within the military people are coming and going left and right.
So it makes me smile seeing them with their friends from the beginning of their school time here as they might not have their kindergarden friends forever through their whole time in school with the next move.


  1. Beautiful always. It is great that you are so conscious of moving vs. staying and the effect it has on your children. So many people expect their kids to just adapt without considering the kids.

  2. Pictures are adorable... They look very cute together....

    Where are you moving?

  3. That is just so sweet. You can just tell they have a special little bond!



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