Saturday, January 31, 2009

Zoom, zoom, zoom


... is NOT my new favorite word. And neither am I talking about my Mazda parked outside.
Zoomed in is my TV since a couple days.
Since there are several remotes in this house for TV, cable box, dvd player broke/home theatre system, dvd player working (including German DVDs) there is always one that gets into Soren's hands. He is ALWAYS a lucky fellow there. And believe me even he doesn't read or talk he figures the remote out that the recorded menu shows up and Go Diego Go is marked for him just waiting for the Play button to be pushed.
But back to ZOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM. He zoomed the TV in. I know and used the Aspect setting before and KNOW how to use it. Easy. No big deal. But somehow there is another possibility to zoom in, one which is not marked on a button on the remote, I tried every single one. I searched every setting on every remote. Nix - Nada - Niente.
And sad as it is, he did that to me before. And also when Leland was gone to training for 30 days, BUT this time Leland is gone for 365 days and I hate watching TV with cut off heads or unreadable subtitles.
P.S. Believe me I even googled for help.
I found IT. Ypppeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I guess you just need to scream loud enough and suddenly it's there. Now just need to find the missing library book and there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. lol


  1. Hallo,
    ich bin auf deine Seite durch die germanspouses gestossen.
    Ich wollte nur sagen, deine Fotos sind wunderschoen. Richtig neidisch bin,lol.
    Deine Kinder sind die perfekten Modelle, und deine Maedels sind auch auch wunderschoene. Pass auf wenn die beiden mal aelter werden, lol.
    Aber wie gesagt deine Bilder sind wirklich super.
    Musste das nur mal sagen.
    LG aus RI
    Sonja Flanagan

  2. LOL
    Oh! That is something I can see my little one doing! I'm glad you found the solution. Now get to work on the library book! HaHa!



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