Monday, January 19, 2009


That is one of Bella's favorite words lately! She doesn't have it from me. But from Holly, a little friend in school and I get to hear ALL the time. And she does use it well.

Sundays turn out to be our roadtrip days during Oma's vacation time here. The week before it got shortened after Soren puked in the restaurant and Oma didn't feel well neither on the way back, so we decided to go back south to Austin again.
We admit, JoAnns also had sweet deals in fabric we could hardly resist. So we left bright and early, this time the shopping plaza was already saved in the GPS - by the way we named him/her Luigi - and found our way there easily, if we ignore the wrong not turn we did once on the toll road in Austin. We were chatting too much and the road was just empty. LOL.
We took our time there - it is perhabs good that this store is not next to my grocery store anymore as it used to be in Massachusetts - you can imagine why grocery shopping took forever in Ludlow. lol.
Here are our $10 additions to next year's Christmas decoration. Aren't they cute?
Can you imagine spending over $125 on those? NOT ME.
You could say awesome to that, but that's not what Bella used it for. She and Chiara, too, are talking about the Inner Space Cavern in Georgetown. The kids never have been in a cavern before so the adventure tour there was a truly an adventure for them.

Chiara was not the slightest bit scared, beside the time when it was pitch black dark, because the guide turned of ALL the light. Fantastic idea when you have a squirmy 18 month old on your arm and a 6 year old holding your hand. Bella was afraid Chiara would get lost because she was always at the head of the group sticking close to the guide and ended up getting her own flashlight to shine and point on the way back to the cable car to travel back up the 40 feet to the surface.

I know that I am always a week late lately, but eventually I will catch up and be right uptodate again. Some day.

Aubrey - I use a CANON XSI camera since this summer. I still have a lot to learn, but I am working on it.


  1. Well, you take AWESOME pictures none the less! Thanks for sharing! I'm still shopping for one and already have my eye out on a couple photog classes!

  2. That is better than Spencer calling everyone DUDE.

    We have a place like that here called Cave of the Winds. It is really neat.



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