Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School - First Day Pictures

The first week of school is almost over and the girls are having great time.

We all need to get up real early now, but Isabell and Chiara love going to school and to see their friends there.

To make the first day a little bit sweeter we kept up a German tradition this year and both got a "Schultuete" - a big cone - on the first day of school. Usually is is the first day of first grade, but here the school starts differently and last year with a new baby in the house it was even crazier so this year we finally made it. And we made them ourselves and each girl decorated it for her sister. Wasn't that sweet? So we filled them with some extra school supplies and school snacks and treats.

After everybody was ready on time we snapped a few pictures as every year before leaving outside. Soren of course had to be in it, too.

Soren was really happy to see his sisters again after missing them all day. Chiara comes up at pick up time hugs him and tells him with kisses "Soren, I missed you so much!" What a great sister! But he loves to play in her room while she is at school, sit on her little table and chair, find her little cars and hide under her new bed. LOL

A first day pictures with NEW and OLD friends.

I love that they can make friends so fast.

As soon as I get to it we will post pictures from our last summer break trip, too. One thing at a time.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cooking a la Soren

It does not happen so often that we are having pancakes for breakfast. In Germany pancakes are not for breakfast they are already lunch so we mostly end up having pancake brunch or have them even for dinner, but never for early breakfast that takes way too much effort. Also I don't like the american pancakes or pancake mixes, the only reason I eat pancakes when we are out for breakfast (once a year) because of the topping - strawberries and whipped cream, I wouldn't mind if the leave the part of the pancakes out.

So if we are having pancakes in our house and I am cooking than we make them from scratch with my mum's recipe and depending on how much water you add you can get them really really thin, almost crepe like.

Soren was helping me making pancakes and decided we have to make his version.

He started adding his first ingredient - "Schnulli" also known as pacifier.

He already mixed it up, but remembered that we first have to measure it, so he put it back in the measuring come after I quick test if it still tastes like pacifier and then on the scale to make sure it's the exact amount of "Schnulli" for his mix.

By the way, there's another weird american way to do something. Measuring! Yes, I also use a measuring come, but I only measure liquids in it. Or something you can easily pour in and out.

Just tell me why would you or do you squeeze butter in it, just to scrape it back out???

So, I use a scale and weigh my ingredients. Sometimes we use the measuring cup to put it on top of the scale. LOL. But not for the butter. LOL
What else do you need for pancakes? Of course an egg. And flour and milk. (Yes I did clean the bowl again before adding my ingredients. LOL)

Also one of the unlucky little pancakes ended up becoming 'Kaiserschmarrn' an Austrian specialty (usually it's made just with a little bit different batter - the egg whites are beaten before), but it taste even better like that as the regular pancakes and perfect for my little pancake baker.

We shared our creations with the girls.
Now my question to you.
What do you love to top of your pancake with?

Last Sunday - A visit to BLORA

Last Sunday afternoon we decided to go to the lake, the girls really really wanted to go to the beach, but BLORA was at good as it got for this year. Leland wasn't feeling well, so we left the house to give him some quiet time because neither the girls nor Soren are able to stay quiet if everybody is home. LOL

Unfortunately when we arrived there, we got told that the one of the lifeguards had to leave, so the beach was closed and only the waterslide open. Thanks after driving 30 miles, waterslide doesn't do as any good being there alone with all three kids.

After a bunch of people was there we settled down on the beach and the kids played and digged in the sand. It was really nice and not even so 'freaking' hot with a nice breeze.

Doesn't Soren look cool with his shades?

He had lots of fun even he really would have loved to get into the water.

After a while suddenly a security truck came up and made us leave from there, we were not even allowed being close to the water. WTH. We weren't swimming.

So we moved up the next level with "permission" and buried Chiara in the sand. Afterwards it was Bella's turn, but she ended up with lots of sand in her face, because Chiara shuffeled onto "by accident". JAJAJAJA. So by accident Chiara got into timeout.

We found a boat, it was not safe for the water anymore, but just perfect for Soren. At least he decided that his butt fits in perfectly. LOL

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an allen, die einen oder viele Kommentare auf unseren Blog hinterlassen. Es ist wirklich schoen zu wissen, dass ihr hier gewesen seid unf euch die Zeit fuer unseren Blog genommen habt.

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3. Und dann klickt "Publish your comment". So einfach.

Thank You!

to all the are leaving comments on the blogs. It's really nice to know that you stopped on our blog and took the time to read.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

Cooking a la Isabell

Isabell picked a children's cookbook when she was out with Leland last week and since then she is bugging me almost everyday to make something out of it. The ones she wants to choose are all breakfast and snack recipes. LOL.

1. We made "Cheese-Ham-Rollups" for lunch.
2. We made pancakes (from scratch). Her cookbook showed a bunny created out of three pancakes, but we just used chocolate chips to decorate faces on.
3. Banana dipped in melted chocolate and sprinkle. Isabell's suggestion was to use big marshmellows instead.

First we melted chocolate chips in a warm water bath and added the already made leftover found cheesecream flavored (they ask for chocolate, but you have to improvise) frosting.

Dipped, spreaded some of the mix onto the marshmellow and dipped them in lots of sprinkles.

Part 2 - Eating.

We tried it with banana chunks, too, and that 's actually really good, but I don't like frzoen bananas, so we had it eat them right up.

Next time we won't add frosting, but just the chocolate fo dipping. That should work a lot better. But the girls had fun, and that's waht counts.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Part 3 - Flip Open And Closed

UPDATE: It is working, the slideshow is working. I guess RockYou didn't want to work, so onetruemedia did help out this time.
Soren got his own little couch, ours is just not big enough for all of us. LOL.
Chiara used to have one like it and we knew he would love to have a comfy seat in his size, also it's not so far to tumble down to the floor from there and easy mobil.

There were just way too many pictures to post them all.

Part 2 - Putt Putt

Most people know I am no big fan of plces like Chuckie Cheese or Putt Putt. But we promised the girls that we would take them this summer. So after the 'sooooooo boring' Sesame Street Show we were already halfway in Killeen and after getting some lunch we went to Putt Putt. Thanks to the library's summer programm the girls earned some Putt Putt coupons with reading and even got free drinks and tokens. So we didn't spent an arm and a leg, but they had fun (even Isabell. LOL).

Soren had a blast with pulling all the tickets out o fthe machine and is even already tall enough to reach the buttons of those games.
Of course Chiara had to try the motorcycle game out right away, after we finally figured out how to move it forward - on the screen.

If you ever want to play 'Deal - or No Deal' without regretting not taken the deal then go to Putt Putt. But the cases don't hold money just up to 200 or 400 tickets if you trow enough tokens in.

Chiara is always up for dancing or hoping, she never can be still.

And Soren got tempted, too.

There is more going on at Putt Putt, but is was really freaking hot.

Soren showing off the prizes he picket at the ticket counter. Everything in yellow.

He loves his sister, some days more, some days less, but ALWAYS.

Checking out Bella's prizes.

Part 1 - 'C is like cookie ...'

... that's good enough for me .

That's pretty much most of what I know of Sesame Street. Ok, I have seen a few shows on TV when I was little and a few with my kids, but I am stressing the word FEW. By now I know Elmo is the red guy and Zoey is the girls. Cookiemonster no question, who doesn't love the "Kruemelmonster" (german). And we did visit the show "Music with Sesame Street" last year in Austin. But that's pretty much IT.

Sesame Street Live came to Ft. Hood, TX, to teach children about deployment.

The tour is part of Sesame Workshop's "Talk, Listen, Connect" initiative, a military outreach program launched in 2006. Story lines are designed to help families understand and talk about the difficulties of multiple deployments, homecomings and changes in parents, whether physical or psychological.

It was fun for the kids (besides Bella, because everything is BORING. It has to be COOL to be interesting.), but she enjoyed it, too.

The shows starts.

Isn't this picture just too cute?

Shortly afterwards Soren was sitting on my lap facing to the back because all the people and lights behind us were so much more interesting for him. LOL.


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