Saturday, August 23, 2008

Last Sunday - A visit to BLORA

Last Sunday afternoon we decided to go to the lake, the girls really really wanted to go to the beach, but BLORA was at good as it got for this year. Leland wasn't feeling well, so we left the house to give him some quiet time because neither the girls nor Soren are able to stay quiet if everybody is home. LOL

Unfortunately when we arrived there, we got told that the one of the lifeguards had to leave, so the beach was closed and only the waterslide open. Thanks after driving 30 miles, waterslide doesn't do as any good being there alone with all three kids.

After a bunch of people was there we settled down on the beach and the kids played and digged in the sand. It was really nice and not even so 'freaking' hot with a nice breeze.

Doesn't Soren look cool with his shades?

He had lots of fun even he really would have loved to get into the water.

After a while suddenly a security truck came up and made us leave from there, we were not even allowed being close to the water. WTH. We weren't swimming.

So we moved up the next level with "permission" and buried Chiara in the sand. Afterwards it was Bella's turn, but she ended up with lots of sand in her face, because Chiara shuffeled onto "by accident". JAJAJAJA. So by accident Chiara got into timeout.

We found a boat, it was not safe for the water anymore, but just perfect for Soren. At least he decided that his butt fits in perfectly. LOL

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