Friday, August 1, 2008


Vor ein paar Tagen hatten wir noch ein bisschen Zeit bevor wir unseren Termin hatten und es hat wenig Sinn gemacht wieder den ganzen Weg nachhause zu fahren, also sind wir eine Ausfahrt weiter und haben die neue Plaza erkundet. Es ist noch vieles "under construction", doch der neue Target hat schon aufgemacht.

A few days ago we had some time to waste bevor our appointment and it didn't make much sense to drive all the way back home, so we wnt an exit further and checked out the new plaza there. It's still "under construction" for the most part, but Target and few other places already opened. The kids wanted to check out PETCO and take one of the hamsters home. Sure, our cats would have loved to have a extra little snack. LOL

The best part about the plaza is "Barnes and Nobles" opening this month there. The closest one is in Austin and everybody here loves books and a cup of coffee (the grown ups), so once a while we might make the trip out here to browse.

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