Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to School - First Day Pictures

The first week of school is almost over and the girls are having great time.

We all need to get up real early now, but Isabell and Chiara love going to school and to see their friends there.

To make the first day a little bit sweeter we kept up a German tradition this year and both got a "Schultuete" - a big cone - on the first day of school. Usually is is the first day of first grade, but here the school starts differently and last year with a new baby in the house it was even crazier so this year we finally made it. And we made them ourselves and each girl decorated it for her sister. Wasn't that sweet? So we filled them with some extra school supplies and school snacks and treats.

After everybody was ready on time we snapped a few pictures as every year before leaving outside. Soren of course had to be in it, too.

Soren was really happy to see his sisters again after missing them all day. Chiara comes up at pick up time hugs him and tells him with kisses "Soren, I missed you so much!" What a great sister! But he loves to play in her room while she is at school, sit on her little table and chair, find her little cars and hide under her new bed. LOL

A first day pictures with NEW and OLD friends.

I love that they can make friends so fast.

As soon as I get to it we will post pictures from our last summer break trip, too. One thing at a time.


  1. Beautiful kids! It's so sweet that she misses him so much :)

  2. Awesome cones!! They look like something small in the first picture.... And WOW, they are really cool!!!!

  3. Your kids are sooooo beautiful! Looks like they have a great time at school. I love how you incorporate so many German traditions into your lives.

  4. Wow! Your girls are absolutely stunning! Gorgeous. I think it is so cute that Soren was happy to see his sisters at the end of the day!



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