Thursday, August 7, 2008

Crafty Or Grocery Shopping in Style & more

I am back on my sewing machine. It caught quite a bit dust since way before moving. It was in February the last time I remember using it and who knows me well, knows that's not normal for me. (The last project.) But as it looks I am hooked again.

A few days ago I fixed two dresses for Chiara she just got, but were too wide for our skinny little thing and recycled a shirt I bought (I didn't fir well and I lost the receipt) and made a dress for Bella out of it. She is all proud of a "big girl dress". Silly girl.

Going Green is the big theme in the grocery stores and by now we own a few "green bags" in the colors green or black. We still forget them pretty often, but working on not using so many plastic bags anymore, especially because most of them have holes in by the time we are home and can not be reused for anything.

So today my project was to make a Shopping Bag. I fell in love with some blue, white and brown fabric that was already waiting to be used for something special. A shopping bag is not so special, but something I would use myself, so I actually pulled my special fabric out and cut it after making a pattern from a regular TARGET(for all the Target lovers) plastic bag.

Leland's opinion "This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen!". Did I really ask him? Yes. ButI am trying to shake it off, because I like the result.

It gets a lot smaller folded up and can fit in your purse while not needed.

While I was cutting fabric, Soren testen strolling through the kitchen with Chiara's doll stroller and didn't really want to give it up again. And no, it's not a big bruise on his arm, just red maker.

Since the end of June we truly have a bad luck string. And it keeps going and going.

Not even two weeks ago our DVD player broke, it just doesn't recognize and DVDs anymore.

This weekend, was NO storm, blue sky with a few itty bitty clouds and after I hear some rambling outside I go and look what happened. Last time I heard such sounds our umbrella was on top of the roof, not this time. Now it was bent and totally broken. But not just that. All the toys are spread in the backyard and Soren's froggy pool is on the other side PLUS the big trampline is upside down hanging in the neighbors fence which is damaged, too.

Thanks a lot. We have no clue what happened. But I had enough.


  1. You've been tagged. Check out my blog...I will be posting in a few minutes..

  2. Oh Nicole, I am back in action and I have a lot to look at in your blog, lol! I have skinny minnies too so I hate the way clothes fit on my girls! I love your bag! I bought a few reusable ones too and you know what, I'd love to remember to bring them in, lol. OK, I've got to go read the rest of your blog!

  3. great job on the grocery bag! I made my own as well and they hold so much.

    Sorry about all of your bad luck lately:(

  4. my goodness! I wonder what the heck happened? that is very bizarre!



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