Saturday, August 16, 2008

Part 2 - Putt Putt

Most people know I am no big fan of plces like Chuckie Cheese or Putt Putt. But we promised the girls that we would take them this summer. So after the 'sooooooo boring' Sesame Street Show we were already halfway in Killeen and after getting some lunch we went to Putt Putt. Thanks to the library's summer programm the girls earned some Putt Putt coupons with reading and even got free drinks and tokens. So we didn't spent an arm and a leg, but they had fun (even Isabell. LOL).

Soren had a blast with pulling all the tickets out o fthe machine and is even already tall enough to reach the buttons of those games.
Of course Chiara had to try the motorcycle game out right away, after we finally figured out how to move it forward - on the screen.

If you ever want to play 'Deal - or No Deal' without regretting not taken the deal then go to Putt Putt. But the cases don't hold money just up to 200 or 400 tickets if you trow enough tokens in.

Chiara is always up for dancing or hoping, she never can be still.

And Soren got tempted, too.

There is more going on at Putt Putt, but is was really freaking hot.

Soren showing off the prizes he picket at the ticket counter. Everything in yellow.

He loves his sister, some days more, some days less, but ALWAYS.

Checking out Bella's prizes.

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