Wednesday, June 9, 2010

blue, blue, blue

Guess what, somebody sneaked my paintbrush! And is having fun getting blue. He did great getting the whole board painted blue even of course Chiara and to jump in in the painting fun and Bella naturally, too. Paint is like a magnet for these kids. But not just on the board.

And what one does, the other can't resist. Blue fingerprints all over.

I just wished my volunteer to paint the little table and chairs would have had so much motivation on the day as they did that night. At least the base coat is finished and now we or me just need to add the details hopefully in time for Soren's birthday.

That was part one of a planned project, they just didn't know that then. Lol.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

summer break DAY 1

Chiara was barely up for half an hour Saturday morning, playing with the puppy when she said "I am BORED!". I hardly could believe my ears.

Well, we digged in the craft box and by 8 am three kiddos where sitting at the kitchen table and crafting making doorknob hanger and necklaces and suddenly they found other things to play all by themselves.

It was a hot summer day already, but it didn't stop us to make our first mini road trip up to Gatesville to the SHIVAREE fest. Small, but the kids had fun. Soren decided he wanted to climb up all the way on the Bouncy Slide, but then literally need to be dragged down after parking himself inthe comfy corner and kust watching everybody to slide down. That happened repeatingly. Stinker.

We found a spot in the shade to watch a small cowboy show and we could not miss out the Wiener Dog Race. We truly could use a drink in the Saloon.

                                             Last year Leland lived quite a bit in one of these.

The kids just tested it for a moment. lol

School is over for the summer ...

and it is crazy in the house. The kids have way too much energy and that TRIPLED or more depending on how many kids are here. We will find ways to get them to use it and to wear them out. lol.

On Friday the girls already had their first sleepover with Neva and a blast. They loved the time on the little farm and hopping and playing in the pool with their friend.

Soren instead enjoyd his evening with his dog we picked up in the afternoon. He loves her already, so do the girls and the little dog 'Brynne' is adding to the crazyness here.

There are still cat fights in the house, even Vincezo Tiger is slowly tolerating her with a growl. Mohrli Midnight will need some more time. He truly is rather gone adventuring outside after his first attack on the puppy. But by now Brynne barks as soon as she sees one of the cats and then runs and hides. Lol.

There's the sneak with stinker attitude.


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