Tuesday, June 8, 2010

School is over for the summer ...

and it is crazy in the house. The kids have way too much energy and that TRIPLED or more depending on how many kids are here. We will find ways to get them to use it and to wear them out. lol.

On Friday the girls already had their first sleepover with Neva and a blast. They loved the time on the little farm and hopping and playing in the pool with their friend.

Soren instead enjoyd his evening with his dog we picked up in the afternoon. He loves her already, so do the girls and the little dog 'Brynne' is adding to the crazyness here.

There are still cat fights in the house, even Vincezo Tiger is slowly tolerating her with a growl. Mohrli Midnight will need some more time. He truly is rather gone adventuring outside after his first attack on the puppy. But by now Brynne barks as soon as she sees one of the cats and then runs and hides. Lol.

There's the sneak with stinker attitude.

1 comment:

  1. Ist die süss! Wie gross wird sie denn mal? Hab ich schon erwähnt, dass ich zu meinen 6 Katzen im Stall noch 3 weisse Schlappohr-Hase dazubekommen hab?? Und Jacky hat sie zum fressen gern - lol - im wahrsten Sinne des Wortes. Sie sitzt immer vor der Box und schleckt sich Maul zusammen......



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