Monday, November 24, 2008

Bienvenidos al Merkatido

You are barely there and you can see the vivid colors of the houses and shops. You an hear the music palying. The the trolley car waiting and people strolling.

We have not see much of San Antonio yet, but it is not so far from us the we can not come back and get to know a little bit more of this town. On Sunday it was 'El Mercado'.

Before leaving town again we ate late lunch right there at 'La Margarita', sitting outside. The kids of course just ordered the Classoc Cheeseburgers sharing with Soren.We instead got delicious mexican dishes. Soren was sitting inhis highchair between Leland and me and had his own green extra plate. We filled it with some fries and bites of Cheeseburgers and also gave him tidbits of ours and Leland added some mexican rice. A moment I can't nothing but laught, because Soren had picked out the one single green pea and dropped it right in the middle of Dad's refried beans. We just found the one green dot laying in the beans as end result. What a RACKER.
By the way he loves beans, so we fed him the beans with the fork and then Leland just pirced the green pea on his fork and lifted it up to Soren. His mouth wide open waiting for more food like a little bird. Right before the pea touch his lips he snapped it closed and it stayed close for the green pea.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The new TREND for this Winter Style

I like shopping once a while, usually I know what's on one of my lists and I get what we need. If there's extra time and we are out and in the mood we go strolling and look if we see something we like, but clothes is always an issue. Being a coule sizes smaller would make it easier to fit in the clothes I like and see hanging on the racks. LOL. But it's usually not the case, once a while I get lucky but shoe shopping is more fun. The always fit if your size is available. Now you just have to regard the comfort level and if you like them. And I am picky and have my favorites. Flip Flops and snickers are not included. LOL

Today my dear husband took me shopping to Wal-Mart, we needed a few groceries and snacks and drinks for our road trip this weekend and I need something to wear, because the new winter style is actually using more fabric and less cleavage. The absolute hit is turtlenecks.

Wal-Mart didn't get the info. Not my decision on how I try to dress this fall/winter and with living in Texas the last two winters and wearing t-shirts year around my closet is not including anything in this direction. That's not what I want. So I am looking for clothes, I have no idea if I get lucky, but not giving up I purchased some accessories. One is a light colored thin looselyt wooved scarf (it's not for keeping warm!) to cover up extra cleavage. Also a long necklace to distract from any cleavage (doyou see my point?). Just for the fun I added some bracelets to dangle from my arm for distraction or to keep Soren out of my jewelry box. My finds are not absolutely satiesfying, BUT who know what neat items I will be finding when I know what I am looking for.

And I just have to figure out how to cover up my incision the best way to distract from it as much as I can after there is no bandage or wrapping. And I spare you the picture me idiot took just to see me closely.

So am online shopping - just browsing so far.

Hey, perhabs I am going to set the new TREND for this winter. LOL

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Little Flintstone Books

Yes, I know that this is not the right name, but everytime I think about the little paintsample notebook in matchbook style that's the name that pops in my head and it's stuck. Flintstone Books. LOL.

Thanks to WhiMSy love and her love to share crafts and ideas with us we found the tutorial for these adorable little notebooks. So Sunday morning we made a bunch of flintstone books and the next day added one of our homemade crayons in a little good bag and with some store bought little cakes so I was able to give Chiara's teacher a bag full of goodies and treats for her little birthday party in school. I never buy birthday or cupcakes (excemption when we are moving and do not own or rent an oven), but this time due to my surgery I was not home the day before or the morning of her birthday. And after missing her birthday breakfast already and not knowing for sure when I would be back home I didn't want her to miss out the chance to treat her little friends in class in school.

she is SIX

Can you believe it, Chiara is already 6!

Six years of cuteness,
six years of sneakiness,
six years of princess,
six years of devil,
six years of giggles,
six years of tears,
six years of adventures for her, for us

six plus six more years until we have to let her go. Do we REALLY have to?

Chiara loves them, I love them, Leland loves them and you would, too. The candles I am talking about. The fast-lite candles are neat and fun. Everybody ready, set, go. You lite one and it is done. All six at once with no fights. One woosh and it lights, all six off them, ready for the Happy Birthday Song and the secret wish and to be blown out. With lots of good luck. Here you go.

A yummy cake for Chiara, the flowers for me, but way too much chocolate to eat. Except Soren. He eats every bite and would love some more. Just look at his face and you doubt no more.

Look at this face, how happy she is, opening her present from Oma. THANK YOU. I love it, she says. And she does. And everything else, too.

She celebrated with her friends already last Saturday, because I didn't know if I would be up to prep and have lots of people over this weekend after just coming home from the hospital yesterday. So the crazy day is already behind us and thanks to everybody who helped out that the kids had a fun afternoon here. I get the pictures up from it as soon as I can.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Made in Texas

Crayons in all Colors

Saturday was our BAKING day, Soren was napping the girls all excited, so we palnned on PB cupcakes and crayons. In which order or combined, who knows for sure. LOL. I do.

The girls helped all the way a little bit and and a little more. Soren helped eating the cupcakes a lot.

Usually we have tons of broken crayons in the house, but with moving we also cleared out most of them a while ago, but if we have our mind set to something then we just do it. Sometimes. And just scrambled all the crayons in the house together.

With lots of red and green and chocolate chip pieces, we also made yummy peanut butter cupcakes. They turned out really good, even I DO NOT like peanut butter, but we have too much PB in the house and need to find uses for it (besides the pb creamcheese dip for apples and pretzels which I actually eat).

Here to the real deal of crayons, melting in an NOW old cupcake form, some with added glitter.

The kids love the new crayons with multible colors.

Picture of the Week

Finally I got to finish my boy's version of an chef's set and got to post pictures on my crafty blog. I just love this photo so I had to poste it here as well as picture of the week.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Little Pizza Baker

Pink just wasn't an option. Pink with white ruffles was NO option at all. Not even allowed for testing and modeling, so we had no other choice and to make a little boy's apron and hat. In green, blue and black. And this time we just did the photo options. Luckily for a few minutes I even got the grins and giggles from my little model. Especially while chasing the cat.

The apron is lined with black fabric and also reversible, the hat will be adjustable with velcro and it's just a small size for little tods up to 3-4 years.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Play with us - Bath Time Pics

Can you ever resist a bath tub picture? There are so cute especially in this toddler age and they will be so precious in the teenage years. Believe me there are more. YES, I will keep them save from any delete buttons.

So now for our fun part.
Do you want to share the bath tub pics of your cutie?
Easy like peasy - can you say that in english? lol
Just leave a comment and link to your picture we all will love to check them out!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

3 Things a woman can't live without


the girls had to go back to school. They wanted to go back to school. LOL.
I had appointments all morning at the hospital so Soren had to stay at Tina's house. He was doing really good, no tears when I left. He was attached to his blanket and his pacifier most of the day, but played his little buddy until after noon and even took a nap.

While I was waiting and waiting I looked through a magazine and read this.

Isn't it just too true?

3 Things a woman can't live without
who always knows the perfect moment to say "You're right, honey."
even if it means sitting in the car in the driveway.
who better to have at your side when you're eyeing that slice of cake or thos cute shoes.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

The day off school

Yesterday the whole house was just sick.

Even the school called me to pick Chiara up after noon because she puked. When I entered the nurse's office it was overflowing with kids left and right and Chiara's buddy was sitting right next ot here puking in the trash can. Thanks.

So home we went to our own quarantine handing out doses of Tylenol and the rest I just spare you.

Tosay is a new day, everybody besides Leland feels better, but he has no chice and has to go to work, the girls have no choice but had to stay home - school rule, because they had temperature they day before, even they where perfectly fine and cheeky again besides their appettite. But Soren was eating again like usual.

So in the afternoon we just went behind our house here up on the hill and took some crazy pictures and then got ready for the 3rd annual Laternenzug, a German tradition from Kindergarten imported to Copperas Cove Texas.
The kids came with laternes, some handmade, some Halloween leftover whatever you can come up with and after the story from St. Martin and with a blessing from Father Jim, St. Martin a knight on a orse lead the little parade through the Cove City Park singing songs.

It was nice an warm this afternoon, but within the hour from leaving the house it got freezing cold that we were glad that we grab some sweat jackets, but still were longing for more clothes. Brrrr.
Here are two shoots from the afternoon. For more just follow the link right here.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bug, bug, bug

Soren getting sick in the car most have been a stomach bug he thankfully gave further to me and now to Dad and Isabell.

While the little guy is playing happily and noisily the rest of the house is sick and convincing the only fine person over the age of one that she has to go to school was an accomplishment by itself.

Now I am going to look through the calendar and see what all I can and have to cancel of today.

I hope you are doing fine and just stay away from any stomach bugs, they are definitely NO FUN.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

T-Shirt to Newborn Caps - Part 1

Strolling through my favroite blogs I came across a new addition from Soule Mama "Mama to Mama" introducing its first project. The Caps to Cap-Haitien Project: A Partnership with Konbit Sante, will initially provide newborn jersey caps to be distributed in Safe Birthing Kits in northern Haiti.

Reading through the posting I thought that's something I can help with. I have a sewing machine. A box of sorted out clothes, not really time, but sometimes you just make time because you want to, so an hour later after recycling old tshirts and an old jersey dress there's a small stack of baby caps.

Isabell saw what I made and right away told me, Mama you can show me how to do it and I CAN make those, too. So now we have plans for Sunday afternoon with an extra reason to sort through our Tees in the closet and making more caps . Then you might see Part 2.
By the way if I would have known that this is so easy and turns out so cute, Bella would have gotten cute caps as a newborn, too, and that even handmade. But eight years ago she got a typical German newborn cap.


Car sick, just as I say, Soren was truly car sick yesterday. We were not even five minutes in the car, not even five miles driven when Soren got car sick yesterday morning and threw up all over his carseat again and again. So after stripping him off his clothes at the side of the road (lucky us for texas temperatures) we were on the way back. After Soren enjoyed his bath, he happliy hopped outside while cleaned carseats. Hose off carseats from the worst. Strip them. Take them totally apart and was dreading the assembly again. And scrubbing and finally setting everything in the sun. A little while later Soren got tired and layed next to me on the couch watching 'Go Diego Go' and fell asleep. And that while watching his favorite show! He was a sick little bug. So most of the rest of the day he was laying somewhere and especially in HIS CAR. He loves his car.

Today he is feeling a lot better, even his is still attached permanently to his pacifier, snuggle bear and blanket, but he gave his bug to me.


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