Friday, November 21, 2008

The new TREND for this Winter Style

I like shopping once a while, usually I know what's on one of my lists and I get what we need. If there's extra time and we are out and in the mood we go strolling and look if we see something we like, but clothes is always an issue. Being a coule sizes smaller would make it easier to fit in the clothes I like and see hanging on the racks. LOL. But it's usually not the case, once a while I get lucky but shoe shopping is more fun. The always fit if your size is available. Now you just have to regard the comfort level and if you like them. And I am picky and have my favorites. Flip Flops and snickers are not included. LOL

Today my dear husband took me shopping to Wal-Mart, we needed a few groceries and snacks and drinks for our road trip this weekend and I need something to wear, because the new winter style is actually using more fabric and less cleavage. The absolute hit is turtlenecks.

Wal-Mart didn't get the info. Not my decision on how I try to dress this fall/winter and with living in Texas the last two winters and wearing t-shirts year around my closet is not including anything in this direction. That's not what I want. So I am looking for clothes, I have no idea if I get lucky, but not giving up I purchased some accessories. One is a light colored thin looselyt wooved scarf (it's not for keeping warm!) to cover up extra cleavage. Also a long necklace to distract from any cleavage (doyou see my point?). Just for the fun I added some bracelets to dangle from my arm for distraction or to keep Soren out of my jewelry box. My finds are not absolutely satiesfying, BUT who know what neat items I will be finding when I know what I am looking for.

And I just have to figure out how to cover up my incision the best way to distract from it as much as I can after there is no bandage or wrapping. And I spare you the picture me idiot took just to see me closely.

So am online shopping - just browsing so far.

Hey, perhabs I am going to set the new TREND for this winter. LOL


  1. Those are all really cute! I love the last one, good for TX too...a short sleeve sweater!

  2. i have always hated turtlenecks. i feel suffocated, strangled, like it's difficult to move in them. until i was pregnant, and my mother in law bought me a whole bunch in maternity sizes. i had nothing else to wear, so i forced myself to wear them, and after awhile i didn't notice it anymore.

    good luck finding some cute clothes for winter! thanks for stopping by my blog, i hope to see you again soon!

  3. Wow. Some of those are so FAB!
    When out shopping today, I saw a lot of these styles too. I just wish I were a little thinner so my flab wouldn't bulge out around the midsection! LOL



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