Thursday, November 13, 2008

Crayons in all Colors

Saturday was our BAKING day, Soren was napping the girls all excited, so we palnned on PB cupcakes and crayons. In which order or combined, who knows for sure. LOL. I do.

The girls helped all the way a little bit and and a little more. Soren helped eating the cupcakes a lot.

Usually we have tons of broken crayons in the house, but with moving we also cleared out most of them a while ago, but if we have our mind set to something then we just do it. Sometimes. And just scrambled all the crayons in the house together.

With lots of red and green and chocolate chip pieces, we also made yummy peanut butter cupcakes. They turned out really good, even I DO NOT like peanut butter, but we have too much PB in the house and need to find uses for it (besides the pb creamcheese dip for apples and pretzels which I actually eat).

Here to the real deal of crayons, melting in an NOW old cupcake form, some with added glitter.

The kids love the new crayons with multible colors.


  1. That is SO cool. I have to do this. We have soooo many broken crayons that I haven't been able to throw away. I love this idea!

  2. I like the revamped crayons! I'll have to remember that when my daughter is older.



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