Saturday, May 30, 2009

how to unlock a samsonite suitcase or not

I own two samsonite suitcases. Both have numbers locks. Tonight we were getting ready to throw the first pieces into the suitcase because right everything is spread chaoticly in my bedroom and when I try to open suitcase number two with the number combination I recall nothing happens. WTH!!! It must be the right one. Both have the same one! And one suitcase is already open. At least I thought so. I try to recall all possible 3 number combinations can think off. Even my kids birthdays shortened to 3 digits even they are all born after the luggage purchase. NOTHING. NADA. NIX. NIENTE.

What shall I do next. I doubt waiting to ask my husband will help me much further. Do I really think he remembers any number combination? NO.

Next idea. GOOGLE. Google works for everything and I know I am not the only one who my have a problem opening such a suitcase - still believeing that the shown number combination is actually right - it was even set when I got it from the attic. Mmmmmmm?!?
Googles suggestions did not work. Some were plainly not appropriate. Cracking the lock with tools and flashlight did not work. So what was left to do.

Step 1: Collecting your supplies

Movie - pick one you have watched before
Mini Crunch
Nail File

Step 2: Put the movie in and find a comfy spot on the floor and place the suitcase in front of you with the number wheels up.

Step 3: Set the numbers to "000" or "999" and then start going through all number combinations from one end to the other and trying with each combination to open the lock. Make sure you don't miss one. I also assure you that you will start at the wrong end with the numbers, because I did start at "999" and got lucky "176", by the way the number the lock was supposed to be is "174". I should simply have started at "000".

You might wonder what the other supplies are for.
The chocolate was needed for MOTIVATION after 300 number combinations and the nail file is needed now to fix my nails on my thumbs after turning the wheels more as 1000 times to open my freaking suitcase.

Imagine this would have happened the night before we left.

I still do not know how the number combination changed because I know we did not set this number and right now I am surely not changing anything, but there is a good solution for that.

We need to travel way more often with that suitcase as every three years.

slowly packing

- it does really happen - we live in the country -
I started packing - okay -

#1 I pulled the suitcases and bags out of the attic, which is an act by itself knowing our attic,

#2 purchased more luggage, because our family addition two years ago came naked and not in travel equipped

#3 started laundry and collecting clothes for two months and every type of weather besides snow.

Now I get to my dilemma that I do not know what and how much to pack for five people. Moving is easier. EVERYTHING goes. Eventually I will figure out what to pack for the kids and if I forget something I guess we go shopping, but I truly don't want to pack TOO MUCH and I usually do.

Me, that is a whole different story. I have to find something in my closet that fits. Usually most of the stuff was too tight, too small. Now since February I lost 25 pounds which is great and some old clothes fits again, - they are old now - but if even your underwear is two sizes too big then it gets crazy. lol

Anybody wants to pack for me?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

the countdown is on ...

Shall I just say "WHAT A WEEK!". I don't even go in detail for that.

Today was the girls' LAST TUMBLING CLASS for the summer. More or less. Bella was done and Chiara started warming up when a scap opened and started bleeding - she tumbled against the wall a few days ago in the house and two days ago she hurt her other foot sliding down the waterslide in the yard - while she brought the coach's first aid kit to me so we could put a bandate on her toe she slipped and hit the table with her chin. OUCH. Now she has a thick lip and probably a blue chin tomorrow, too and she is wooried if her friend's will see it.

The girls are also counting down the days to the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL. Seven more school days. Seven more days to get up at six in the morning or earlier for me. Seven more days with bus or less depending on in how much trouble Chiara got in on the bus today which I will find out tomorrow morning, because the bus driver wants to have a talk with me.
Tonight we also practised for the last time the 100 words for the SPELLING BEE tomorrow. Isabell made it to the be one of the 5 best spellers in her class and advanced to the 2nd graders spelling bee tomorrow in the cafeteria. So I am inivited. There will be all 2nd graders watching and I am already getting nervous for her. LOL. She is all excited.

Chiara keeps asking when we are leaving for Germany, Bella knows the date. That girl knows everything, doesn't mean she does it. I have ELEVEN MORE DAYS to be ready. The suitcase and bags moved in my bedroom and we will start packing soon, hopefully, because I will have plenty to do to get this place ready for the our departure.

I have until July 3rd to become a Texas resident. Not really. Only till Friday in a week. But I need to try a little bit earlier because my driver license is running out while I am overseas and officially I am still living in MASSACHUSETTS at least my driver license says so. So I have to go through the whole drama of applying and transfering an out of state license. Plus my car expires, too. I admit, I do not like DMV visit, very much, they are usually very time consuming especially since we moved into this county and I can't go to the tiny DMVs anymore. And I never wanted to become a Texas resident.

15 more days and my baby boy TURNS TWO. He doesn't even look like he is TWO. Not like one neither. lol. I saw a cute t-shirt at Walmart that says "I am two". I would have bought it. But the biggest size was 3T and sorry that is way TOO SMALL for my baby boy. We don't buy 3T t-shirts anymore.

15 more days or a couple more, because we don't know and won't know until we know. Until the phone rings and Leland says "I am HERE. Please pick me up." But the here won't be Fort Hood, Tx. It won't be the Killeener or Dallas airport neither. But one seccret place in Germany. It is so secret that neither him or me even know it because not even the army knows it yet. Great, isn't. Doesn't matter. We will figure it out. Germany is only so big or so small and we are going to see him really really soon. Perhabs even for Soren's 2nd birthday. Wouldn't that be neat.

So keep your fingers crossed for us that it works out plus all the others things that need to , too, and no more accidents neither small or big. Then we are all set. And can shower you with pictures from Germany all summer long.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

ONE more day and it's Friday almost weekend
TWO more weeks and school is over
THREE more weekends and we are leaving for the summer - yeah
FOUR, five or more days of migranes
100 things and way to many on my to do list to get ready to leave ....

Soren is a smart little boy or shall I just call him STINKER. He understand very well what we say no matter if we speak German or English to him. He follows directions. He is pretty noisy, too, screams, squeals, whines and says all day long

"Mama, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!"

He used to say a few more words, but now we are stuck with

"Mama, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!".

His speach therapist was over this morning and also had little green frogs with her. The plastic kind, not real ones. And suddenly soren was saying "Hop, hop" and going with the little green frog hop, hop, hop everywhere. The lady left. The "Hop" word left, too. When I try to get him say hop, Soren HOPS, but he won't say anything besides

"Mama, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!" , STINKER!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More communion pictures from Bella & Co

Just to let you know right away. Soren was a stinker on Bella's first communion again at least in regard of picture taking before the church, so he was not on any pictures or only his backside again or already running out again. So, good call, he didn't mind putting all the clothes back when we went to Lampasas Thursday evening to the park to actually take communion pictures from Bella. Chiara of course wanted to dress up, too. Why not, when will she get use out of her dress, there are not many or any other events coming up and Soren will hardly grow into it.

You should see the first picture of the three I took. It is just like the very first one I took on that spot. All three sitting right there with Chiara FROWNING. Like always. She is such a drama queen.

A few more pictures from this evening are RIGHT HERE.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

fun in the sun

Just add some water to the mix and that's pretty much all you need. Did I forget something?

I guess - YES - my crazy kids.
But here you with a picture overload! It just has to be.

- We are still working on good action shots. Okay, they work on the action, I am on the shots. -
Bella tried to sneak Soren under the sprinkler, but no chance. He had enough tring to get me wet with his little toys and just splashed.

Soren got his birthday present early this afternoon. We won't be here and I am not going to pack in the huge box of the little baskeball hoop just to fl it all the way over the ocean and back. I also didn't want him have to wait two months for it. So we put it up for him this afternoon and he loves it. He is too funny with it anywa trying to throw the Basketball in on top and to catch it o the buttom at the same time one hand at each opening. Silly boy!

Bella's Day

Yesterday was Isabell's First Communion. She was all happy, and it was really nice. After the service and the reception at church we had coffee & cake here and dinner, too, all made from scratch with yummy German recipes. The kids had the best time swicthing in bikinis and swim trunks and running through the sprinkler but I am glad it is over. It was such a busy week and busy day that by evening I hardly could keep my eyes open. So after today's errands we are staying home, not even the invitation for coffee and cake could lure me back out of the house. There probably would be a chance that I fall asleep on the couch. there. We stay home. Tomorrow will be busy again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just plain busy

It has been a busy week last week and it is already a bsuy week this week. Everyday is something going on.

The girls have their usual activities with tumbling, but now instead of one hour we are soending two hours at the YMCA because Chiara is already tumbling with the big girls plus pick up time before and until we are back home two afternoons are gone.

Isabell's first communion is taking place this weekend, so we have to add a rehearsal at church for an evening, plus quieta a few preparations here. It does take a lot of planning to have all my three of my kids ready for church and nicely dressed and me, too, plus being on time. That alone already sounds stressful. Now considering I can not leave a mess behing in the house knowing we have guests coming over afterwards and having everythign for coffee & cake and dinner ready. Do I really plan on decorating to make Bella's special day special? It is crazy.
But at least the Spaetzle are already made. We spent 2.5 hours making homemade pasta on Sunday for this weekend. Don't they look yummy.

Now let's add on that we have another evening this week we need to be at Chiara's music program from school at the Highschool auditorium which we can't miss because she is one of the six speakers with the a special role which she is practising really hard. Now I just need to figure out how to find a 50's outfit for her in her closet.

I have to admit I am already dreading tomorrow which starts with a 7.45 am appointment and continues with grocery shopping and we will be just home long enough for nap time before we have to go to tumbling and rehearsal. Ignoring that the gras is the yard is only half cut and the rest grows already.

And in between I actually do work. Working on the computer means I can sit on the couch. As long as Soren keeps his finhers of the keyboard. Watching TV is no fun right now anyway with cut off heads again after Soren found the Zoom function again and me NOT. Even I know it is somewhere hidden in one of the Menue Buttons.

Okay, I am done rambling for today.


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