Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More communion pictures from Bella & Co

Just to let you know right away. Soren was a stinker on Bella's first communion again at least in regard of picture taking before the church, so he was not on any pictures or only his backside again or already running out again. So, good call, he didn't mind putting all the clothes back when we went to Lampasas Thursday evening to the park to actually take communion pictures from Bella. Chiara of course wanted to dress up, too. Why not, when will she get use out of her dress, there are not many or any other events coming up and Soren will hardly grow into it.

You should see the first picture of the three I took. It is just like the very first one I took on that spot. All three sitting right there with Chiara FROWNING. Like always. She is such a drama queen.

A few more pictures from this evening are RIGHT HERE.


  1. Adorable First Communion dress and photos!

  2. You are taking absolutely amazing photos! So talented!!

    Your kids are just LOVELY!

  3. Great pics! Ty made his First Holy Communion, too, recently!

    BTW, where have you been, I haven't seen you visit my blog lately...:P



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