Tuesday, May 5, 2009

just plain busy

It has been a busy week last week and it is already a bsuy week this week. Everyday is something going on.

The girls have their usual activities with tumbling, but now instead of one hour we are soending two hours at the YMCA because Chiara is already tumbling with the big girls plus pick up time before and until we are back home two afternoons are gone.

Isabell's first communion is taking place this weekend, so we have to add a rehearsal at church for an evening, plus quieta a few preparations here. It does take a lot of planning to have all my three of my kids ready for church and nicely dressed and me, too, plus being on time. That alone already sounds stressful. Now considering I can not leave a mess behing in the house knowing we have guests coming over afterwards and having everythign for coffee & cake and dinner ready. Do I really plan on decorating to make Bella's special day special? It is crazy.
But at least the Spaetzle are already made. We spent 2.5 hours making homemade pasta on Sunday for this weekend. Don't they look yummy.

Now let's add on that we have another evening this week we need to be at Chiara's music program from school at the Highschool auditorium which we can't miss because she is one of the six speakers with the a special role which she is practising really hard. Now I just need to figure out how to find a 50's outfit for her in her closet.

I have to admit I am already dreading tomorrow which starts with a 7.45 am appointment and continues with grocery shopping and we will be just home long enough for nap time before we have to go to tumbling and rehearsal. Ignoring that the gras is the yard is only half cut and the rest grows already.

And in between I actually do work. Working on the computer means I can sit on the couch. As long as Soren keeps his finhers of the keyboard. Watching TV is no fun right now anyway with cut off heads again after Soren found the Zoom function again and me NOT. Even I know it is somewhere hidden in one of the Menue Buttons.

Okay, I am done rambling for today.

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