Monday, April 27, 2009

raindrops are falling on my head

we had an awesome weather today. it was raining buckets. pouring down.
i am not kidding. i loved it.

i love rainy days in texas.
my front door was open all day until we left. soren didn't go further as the front steps because it was too wet with no shoes from top to bottom. lol. the air, the gras, it just smelled good. it sounded good.
i didn't like the headache and migrane that is bugging me since almost two weeks daily and partially I am blaming the weather, but i have to ignore that fact.
so eventually this morning we switched from pjs into clothes to head outside and of course it stopped raining. so where is the fun when you finally can let your toddler use his beloved umbrella? so we waited and waited a little longer and it started again and drizzle. soren put his rain boots on. i found my slip on shoes. it's not cold and my feet would get wet anyway. i was just grabbing my camera and it's raining a little more.
first soren wasn't so sure if it was okay to go outside but then he started walking happily with the umbrella holding on tight and it started pouring down again. i snapped a few pictures, rescued the camera to the dry spot inside the house and we went for a walk in the rain.

it was fun. we got wet. we found every puddle. every mailbox. i am sure every driver thought we are crazy, but soren had a blast. at the neighbor's house the puddle was almost as deep as his rainboots high and as he got out of it i did hear the water squeaking inside his boots.


  1. That is so cute! I'm glad you guys enjoyed playing in the rain! :)

  2. Oh Nicole, that last shot is absolutely gorgeous. How well I remember puddle jumping with mine.
    :) with tears for days gone by.

  3. I love rainy days! The sound, the smells...

    You took some really great pictures!

  4. Oh the memories you made...they will never be forgetten by either of you. I don't think the pictures could be any cuter!!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday!

  5. What a wonderful day you had! The photos are fabulous!



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