Monday, April 27, 2009

dusted off

Sometime before Easter I picked out some fabric from my stack for a small tablerunner with some chicks. Just a small project because I didn't touch my sewing machine for a long time. I started by tracing the pattern, but that was IT. And Easter passed with not one stitch sewn.

So now I actually started and got a little further with the first Easter project for 2010 and I had a really early start. LOL. It's not done yet, but eventually it might, hopefully before Easter.

On Friday, I made a trip to Austin with a long shopping list mainly for JoAnns. But I did not really need anything. I was curious about the new store that opened and wanted to stroll through the outlet around the corner there, but didn't really need anything. The shopping list I forgot at home 45 minutes north - had all the items for Karin and my mom listed which we found but one and we will pack everything from ruler to fabric and personally deliver it in Germany.

After picking a cart full of fabric for OTHER people I couldn't resist I brought these home for myself. I just loved the brown with the blue leaves print and the blue flower print.

And you won't believe it. The first strips are already cut and even sewn together as blocks. I switch my design idea for already ten times and probably will keep doing it till the end, but I plan on keeping it simple. It does not need to be too busy this time.

So now I can add two more UFOs to my stack.


  1. Nochmals vielen vielen Dank fürs besorgen!!! Der Tablerunner sieht ja jetzt schon total süss aus - bin schon gespannt wie er aussieht, wenn er fertig ist. Deine für dich ergatterten Stoffe sind super.....

    Happy stichin

  2. I need to learn German.

    You and my mother should meet she is a fabric freak just like you :-)

  3. Brown + Blue is one of my fave color combos! Love the fabric!



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