Saturday, April 11, 2009

frohe ostern - happy easter

It is past midnight, the second Easter Bread is baking in the oven and it smells good, but my kitchen is a mess and I am not cleaning it tonight anymore. I am just waiting for the bread to be done. So believe me that I am glad we have no guests coming over tomorrow for brunch, lunch or dinner but are actually going. Don't get me wrong, we were NOT lazy today. We were really busy, the house is pretty clean, lots of loads of laundry got done and even almost all the yard got weeded and fertilized until a sudden shower of rain came.

No matter what. The kids are sleeping, the easter eggs are filled with candy and animals crackers (sorry Soren, Mama is going to exchange most of the candy eggs for you - you are already crazy enough) and the Easter Bread is almost done.

Happy Easter


  1. I just did a catch up with your blog... Photos are just great and the kids gorgeous as always!! And of course, you guys are always doing fun stuff and keeping yourselves VERY busy!!!! =)

  2. Auch euch frohe Ostern! Ich hoffe ihr habt alle viel Spaß beim Eiersuchen... ich hab dieses Jahr nur versteckt... inzwischen hab ich auch 2 Neffen und nicht nur die 2 Silberhorns. Die können immerhin jetzt schon beide Radfahren und vielleicht kommen die ja mal mit ihrem Rädle zum Joggen mit dem Helge und mir mit!
    Liebes Grüßle

  3. Oh my gosh, just perfect!

    A very Happy Easter from my family to yours,


  4. Frohe Ostern Euch allen!!! Total suesse Bilder mit den Kids und den Laemmern! Wo hast Du die denn aufgetrieben LOL??? Wuensch Euch viel Spass heute! Bei uns ist nicht viel los, meine Eltern sind hier seit 2 Wochen, aber im Moment sind wie alle erkaeltet und haben nen fiesen Husten. Ganz liebe Gruesse an Euch alle!

  5. Oh Nicole, those are absolutely gorgeous shots.
    Our Easter was very low key as well although I had no time to yard work..

    What a mom! You made two Easter breads? Geez, I used Parkerhouse rolls..

  6. I am loving these pictures! WOW! They are absolutely lovely!



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