Sunday, April 5, 2009

horses, no bunnies today

The camera was with us all day long. But tucked away in the diaper bag until the evening. Until were out at the arena. There it finally got it out. It was worth taken pictures on a beautiful evening outside, when the sun set, with horses around and the kids happy running around or munching on cookies.



Soren found a new friend. - May we introduce Ms. Texas to you? - He patted her carefully first while she was munching gras. Then he climbed on her. Just sat on her contently. Never scared. Holding on. Patting her. Grinning from one ear to the other.

Then he decided he wants to get down. Pat her again. And back up. Laying on her. She didn't even feel bothered. He sat on her again. Patting her some more. Until we could leave. He is in heaven on the back of a horse. Of course Heidi likes that.


  1. Beautiful shots!

    There's just something about the country, and horse, and kids...

    It's like magic.

    Enjoyed this post!

    -Nat :)

  2. Wenn ihr kommt, dann kann Soren ja den ganzen Tag auf Candy Man reiten und gelegentlich mit seinen Schwestern tauschen. ;-)

  3. hhmmmm.. that's wonderful that he wasn't afraid at all, just a very natural thing to be sitting on a horse. He's cute and the pictures are very nice, I like the horse legs!



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