Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wednesday morning

- 6.18 am -

I could write a lot about how I do not really like getting up at 6 am, neither at 6.30. I like sleeping a little bit longer even I have several alarms going off all morning long and forget to turn them off mostly on the weekends, too, if not one of the kids is playing alarm clock anyway. I still would love to sleep in someday.

But one thing I love is being out early with the camera. It hardly ever happens. But the few times we leave early on roadtrips I do enjoy and this morning we just stepped out the front door for a moment right after getting up to catch this view. Priceless.


  1. It looks so surreal...of course, at 6 a.m., pretty much everything is surreal, isn't it?
    That is one gorgeous photo Nicole! I like getting up early, before anyone else only because I can't stand mingling pre-coffee.

  2. Lovely! Makes me want to set my clock an hour earlier!



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