Friday, April 3, 2009


I was asking myself if I really wanted to do it again. If I was really sure that using acylic paints with the kids is a good idea? Just think of all the prep and finding of all the supplies, the clean up, the mess and where all the paint will be stuck on. But right after Easter last year I stopped at the Hobby Lobby which I never used to visit very often - you read carefully - I changed my habit - I go once a while now - lol - and got a box full of Easter crafts for just a few dollars, mark that off, because Leland paid for these with the giftcard I got from him, so I didn't pay anything. And that box was moved from the old house to here and store up in the attic for month so we had to use its contents. And we did.

Soren was right there from the beginning til almost the end painting one, two, three big papermache eggs with a little help. And he was so serious. He hardly smiled. My silly boy was concentrating so hard that he had no time to be silly.

All three kids were busy. The girls too busy to bicker and Soren too busy to put his fingers in his mouth - almost if you look close.

So now we have a pile of painted rabbit boxes and eggs. No really how I intended them to look, but sometimes I am able to let go and let them just do what they want. Just sometimes. And I got to intervene a little with Soren. But the girls are copycats anyway.

We don't have all the pastell or bright colored dotted and striped eggs, but one with Soren's handprint. He kept painting his hand so we had to use it, it was all his idea!

The girls were still painting while Soren already soaked in the tub to get off all the paint from top to bottom. He already wore outgrown clothes so we don't have to scrub so much off.
He is already back to his usually silly self and trying to dump water on the edge of the tub thinking I don't see him.

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