Monday, April 27, 2009

button factory REOPENED

Do you remember the first set of handmade buttons? The weekend before this during Soren's nap time I got the the box with my supplies of Fimo and tools out and also the pasta/Fimo machine. The girls got big eyes because they didn't see it before and of course were excited to help making buttons and they had fun and were really good.

After placing them all on the cookie sheet they were really curious how they turn out being baked in the oven. And we did have to give them a second turn in the oven. I do not why, I followed directions and then I forgot them in there. BUT they survived. lol.

Didn't they turn out neat? Most of them are even round. Really round.
Each one cut out by hand.

I didn't say every one was round.

Now we should perhabs find a purpose for the buttons beside being collected in the button jar.

I like them in the button jar.


  1. I know, buttons in a button jar are so simple and yet tell such a big story.
    I've seen lots of crafts with buttons, I'll bet the girls would love !

  2. So colorful! What a fun project! Now, do you use the buttons too?



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