Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Austin Quilt Trip

On Monday late afternoon I made a roadtrip south. All by myself. That usually does never happen. But yes, for once all the kids stayed home with Daddy and I was all by myself. My Ipod plugged in and charged, GPS, too, even I don't always trust "Jack", but of course my camera bag was sitting forgotten next to the door at home.  Well, it happens.

On my way to Austin I passed JoAnn's and stopped really quick there, as qickly as possible considering the line at the fabric cutting counter and found some cute fabric for my mom's stash and finally bought myself new replacement blades for my rotary cutter.

OH MY. I am in heaven now again and don't understand why I waited for so long. It cuts again like cutting through soft butter.

One small pieces of fabric ended up in my stash, too, just because I couldn't resist and because everybody who knows me knows that I love Italy, especially Sicily. And if we can't go back there for right now, then I can bring a little bit home.

After this quick stop I found my way into downtown Austin to Rio Rita's and met a group of really sweet ladies from the Austin Modern Beequild. It was a wonderful evening with them and I hope I have the chance again join them another time just to meet or sew in. The group just started up, but does have plans in work already.

Pst. My Mini Winter Quilt is finished, I just need to add the label.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mini winter quilt in the works

Last month I had the crazy notion signing up for a mini quilt swap. Just because I have not enough to do.
But I did anyway and then was sitting there and trying to get an idea what to do. I did not just want to piece a block in blue and white, but I still wanted to use mainly these two colors.
Looking outside for some inspiration is not helping much in Central Texas, because we don't have the beautiful winter weather neither, barely a snowflake. Nothing compared to the winters we had in Massachusetts just a few years ago.

 I don't know anything about my swap partner, unfortunately she has no blog I could go and peek to see what she likes so I hope she will like the finsihed result. I finally started and decided on a wintery landscape with the skeleton of a tree. I had different picture in mind when I started but as always it is changing when the work is in progress. I try to finish it tonight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It wasn't the kid this time, but the cat


Today is one of those days when I can hardly keep my eyes open and get started, because we had another night of coughing, throwing up and Soren is still sick. He us not as miserable as yesterday, but clingy and whining all the time, especially when his nose is running -  the world is going under.

So we cancelled all appointments for today and tomorrow. And that after I finally had one with the college advisor. Life.


Soren is falling asleep next to me while I am typing still going "Maaaaaaaamaaa". Because the nose does just not stop running. Nope he is awake again, because I moved the BOOK.


The cats are helping out a lot today, too, not just with going in and out every 5 minutes if possibly wanting the door opened, also dumping water glasses over and soaking everything close by - cell phone, book, the last roll of papertowels, clothes. Thanks.

Pictures were taken on Saturday morning, before breakfast, but with all the fog it was just beautiful to go outside.

Now he is sleeping still holding the book open laying almost on top of me.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Valentine's - Done

School is out for the week, the valentine cards are handed out and the valentine party is over. The kids are happy. Just Mama is a little disappointed. The school sent home a Cupid Express Order Form to send little surprises and notes to the kids in the school and from student to student if you want to and our order did not got through obviously. Because nothing arrived. No notes, no sweets. It was just a tiny order, but there were supposed to be surprises.

This year we jUsT had to make valentine's for two kids' classes and sunday school, next year we need cover three classes ...

We took these pictures outside last week. just with a closed fist and a strechted out arm.

I resized the pictures about 3x4 so I could fit 2 pictures on a 4x6 prints. Wait for the right timing to print at Walgreens they always offer a good price around holidays & special occasions. I got mine 40% off, the next day I printed 25 and got 25 free. - so I was all set for getting all my january pics printed as well! -

Then the factory line went into works.
I made two small cuts, on on top off the fist and one on the bottom.
Soren handed Bella a lollypop.
Bella slipped the lollypop into the slits.
Chiara added a pieces of tape on the back to hold it inplace just in case.


Me and Scrap-b-o-o-k-i-n-g ....

... that truly happens really just every two years at the most. And there must be some motivation or a lack of sewing motivation. I have plenty of ideas for sewing and plenty of projects that need to be done and work and cleaning and organizing ... enough to do without anything creative ...

did I mentioning that we are buying a house correct me this house right now. just to mention it.

but i cleaned the table off in the garage and Danyelle got me to dig out all the scrapbooking materials that collected in between my stacks of fabric and crafting supplies. I have plenty of pictures on the computers.

Sounds like have a theme for one of our game/movie nights if we don't do games or movie or LEGOS which we still have planned do on our weekly Friday night. This Friday we have the house inspector in the house for a couple hours, we will see if I am still in the mood for anything crafty after getting his inspection sheet or rather would love to hand it to Soren that he can shred it to pieces within moments with his little yellow pair of scissors.

These few pages I made as said two years ago right after our Soren was born with pictures from that time. Time passes so fast.

Let's see if there will be some more pages done in the year 2010 and then 2012 and in the year 2014, .....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It can be cold in San Antonio

Friday was a busy day. With packing up for three rugrats, my stuff - I let Leland get his own as long as there are clean items available and cleaning house. We were leaving for the weekend down south in the evening, but I knew the end of the weekend our landlords were planning on stopping by to say Hi. Of course, they want to check on their house. At my return I found out that are selling the house. Mmmm. 

I can't believe it was so freaking cold we actualling used gloves and mittens.
- Alamo Park -

We left, got to know a weird way to get to Sutherland Springs/Stockdale (tja - Mud) and an easy way to get back thanks to Danyelle. Had a great time in San Antonio with Danyelle playing tourists.

We might have to keep the tradition up to go to the Alamo every January after we are truly stuck in TX now.
- Alamo Park -

It was time to take a local on a sight seeing tour. We love the park around the Alamo and strolling along the Riverwalk. All by feet, no car required. Okay, by riverboat, too, for the kids sake or ours. lol.

- Riverwalk -

We stopped for lunch right here because the kids were starving and it was yummy, just don't ask me how the restaurant was called. Why we picked it? Because I refused to go inside the loud and noisy Rainforest something cafe when we are actually at the Riverwalk as last time. I am neither crazy about the food nor about the noise level, so we quickly passed that one and came across this one with the balcony on the second floor to sit outside in the sun, blankets provided - remember we still wore gloves an hour earlier. LOL. But this is Texas right. And being on the second floor stopped Soren from running or falling into the river.

- All three make an aweful face even the got to sot and food and drinks!!!
And she be fool proof for pictures by now!!! -

We even found our way easily into downtown just not out of the mall there. How many women have that probably? Help was required.

- Riverwalk -

We did explore the Hemisphere Park with its old buildings and an awesome climbing area. The kids had a blast. 

- Hemphisphere Park -

When we left we got to see Cinderella's carriage and the girls we all excited and got to bed the horse, too. But is it not supposed to be white?

More pictures you can see in my facebook album right here.

Being MIA and some Common Sense

It has been a while since words or pictures found a way on our blog.


we were busy.

First and then gone.

And now just stressed and busy. There is a lot going on.

A few thing stay the same. my little get away is still my sewing machine and I sneak a fw minutes in the last two days  to get some work done for the two swaps crazy me sign up. But as they are secret I can't show any of them yet. But soon.

Chiara is sick and home the second day in a row. Living of crackers and snuggles, mainly Soren's. On his little couch he is sharing with he not so easily and easily on the big couch.

Soren is still Soren. He is still not really talking. A little babble here and there. Lots of screaming and screeching. We have to work with him and also do speech therapy "homework".


Picture of a Sheep
Me: Bah
Soren: Bah

Picture of a Bay
Me: Bay
Soren: Bay

Picture of a Bee
Me: Bee


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