Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mini winter quilt in the works

Last month I had the crazy notion signing up for a mini quilt swap. Just because I have not enough to do.
But I did anyway and then was sitting there and trying to get an idea what to do. I did not just want to piece a block in blue and white, but I still wanted to use mainly these two colors.
Looking outside for some inspiration is not helping much in Central Texas, because we don't have the beautiful winter weather neither, barely a snowflake. Nothing compared to the winters we had in Massachusetts just a few years ago.

 I don't know anything about my swap partner, unfortunately she has no blog I could go and peek to see what she likes so I hope she will like the finsihed result. I finally started and decided on a wintery landscape with the skeleton of a tree. I had different picture in mind when I started but as always it is changing when the work is in progress. I try to finish it tonight.

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  1. HI Nicole
    Thank you so much for my Mini Winter Quilt. I love it, it is so so pretty. I had the hardest time trying to figure out what to do on this one. I do have a blog, but I'm glad you did your own thing because it is really beautiful. I actually have three blogs they are all under this link. Two are for my bible studies and one is for my quilting, however I haven't posted alot recently. oops!
    Your blog has a lot of fun stuff on it, I will come back and visit.
    Thanks again, it really is pretty. Also thanks for my bookmark and note holders. :)



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