Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sweet Valentine's - Done

School is out for the week, the valentine cards are handed out and the valentine party is over. The kids are happy. Just Mama is a little disappointed. The school sent home a Cupid Express Order Form to send little surprises and notes to the kids in the school and from student to student if you want to and our order did not got through obviously. Because nothing arrived. No notes, no sweets. It was just a tiny order, but there were supposed to be surprises.

This year we jUsT had to make valentine's for two kids' classes and sunday school, next year we need cover three classes ...

We took these pictures outside last week. just with a closed fist and a strechted out arm.

I resized the pictures about 3x4 so I could fit 2 pictures on a 4x6 prints. Wait for the right timing to print at Walgreens they always offer a good price around holidays & special occasions. I got mine 40% off, the next day I printed 25 and got 25 free. - so I was all set for getting all my january pics printed as well! -

Then the factory line went into works.
I made two small cuts, on on top off the fist and one on the bottom.
Soren handed Bella a lollypop.
Bella slipped the lollypop into the slits.
Chiara added a pieces of tape on the back to hold it inplace just in case.



  1. Coolest Valentine EVER. Make my Abby Cadabby's look sad...

  2. Das ist ein absolut süsse Idee!!! Einfach Klasse!!!!

  3. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!

    So wonderful!



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