Thursday, February 18, 2010

An Austin Quilt Trip

On Monday late afternoon I made a roadtrip south. All by myself. That usually does never happen. But yes, for once all the kids stayed home with Daddy and I was all by myself. My Ipod plugged in and charged, GPS, too, even I don't always trust "Jack", but of course my camera bag was sitting forgotten next to the door at home.  Well, it happens.

On my way to Austin I passed JoAnn's and stopped really quick there, as qickly as possible considering the line at the fabric cutting counter and found some cute fabric for my mom's stash and finally bought myself new replacement blades for my rotary cutter.

OH MY. I am in heaven now again and don't understand why I waited for so long. It cuts again like cutting through soft butter.

One small pieces of fabric ended up in my stash, too, just because I couldn't resist and because everybody who knows me knows that I love Italy, especially Sicily. And if we can't go back there for right now, then I can bring a little bit home.

After this quick stop I found my way into downtown Austin to Rio Rita's and met a group of really sweet ladies from the Austin Modern Beequild. It was a wonderful evening with them and I hope I have the chance again join them another time just to meet or sew in. The group just started up, but does have plans in work already.

Pst. My Mini Winter Quilt is finished, I just need to add the label.


  1. Super, dass du dich doch dazu entschlossen hast der Gruppe anzuschliessen. Wie???? Nicht mal Sören wollte mit?!?! Tut dir aber auch mal gut, etwas Zeit nur für DICH zu haben.

    Der Mini ist super geworden!!

  2. oh wow, that is so beautiful!!!

  3. Beautiful mini quilt, lovely fabric choices.



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