Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long time no post

yes we know.

but we will catch up again including our february snow pictures. really.

Last minute as always Soren and Olivia had a playdate, because that's just the best way it works out, if we plan it anyway longer ahead something will come in between. This time we stayed home. Luckily Naheed one of our good JJJ friends was looking for a ideas what to make when her friends came over one morning and Pauline posted a apple pie recipe Soren and me just had to try this morning because it sounded YUMMY, easy and fast. I do not add fool proof.

Soren had fun. Sneaking apples slices in his mouth, mixing sugar and cinnamon, flour and  sugar, letting me forget the egg. So after we had all the apples niecely in the pie form, the sugar cinnamon mix sprinkled over it and the dough mix poured over it it was almost already in the oven ...

... when I poured the whole masterpiece back in the bowl to add our missing egg.
Soren looked at me like I am crazy.
But at least it tasted good at the end.
Soren had a blast playing with Olivia. He loves this sweet girl. She is a month older as him, but he can easily carry her. The play nicely and quiet for one moment and then run screetching through the house that you have to cover your ears.

Thanks for coming over Olivia and Starr.


  1. Awwww, they're too cute!!!

    I'm totally craving pie right now, lol,

    Natalia :)

  2. Na da wird mal wieder Zeit - hab mich schon gewundert ob meine Liebingsfotografin ihren Fotoapperat verloren hat - LOL. Der Kuchen hört sich lecker an - Kaffe und Kuchen wann und wo?!?!



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