Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break impressions - part two

May we introduce Mokka?

A little hungry lamb. It's not so little anymore, this little boy is already growing horns and pretty rough when you steo right out of the door and he is HUNGRY. He still got the bottle we milk formula once a day and the kids we almost fighting over it who got to do it.

Even Soren fed him twice and just LOVED this chore. Which took literally only 30 seconds. It takes longer to warm the water up for the bottle and to fix it. Cream and Coffee are his two sheepish companions. Cream shares his spaces and loves the attention and the food, too. Coffee just got fed through and over the fence. His horns are beautifully grown out, but also painful when getting used on your body. we didn't need to experience that part or trying to catch that sheep.

We called Mokka the longest time a goat, our friends used to have one, but truly they are missing little goats on their farms and also itty bitty chicks and ducklings. We were so tempted at the local feedstore today. These tiny things were just the cutest and especially the ducklings. You just go "aaaaaaaaaaaaa".

But we only left with plants. Honeysuckle and Esperanza. - This time I know the names from the plants I am interested in. LOL.

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