Saturday, March 13, 2010

spring break started yesterday at 3.34 pm

when the girls came running up the driveway screaming "SPRING BREAK" after hopping from the bus. Soren was running towards them ready for a big hug from Chiara and being as excited as them. He was already waiting outside for them in the sun eating ice cream.

Chiara had a good last week of school since her chatting and partner in crime got move to the other side of the classroom and loved showing of her treat out of the treasure box she was able to go to this Friday. She hardly to that necklace/keyring chain or however you call it off and already made her own nametags to attach to it.

Isabell is just glued to her BOOKS, literally. And these Warrior books are thick. All she wants to do is READ and the little sister just can't understand WHY? Ok, she did mix in between watching TV, crafting and playing outside today but all these things just got squeezed in between her reading episodes. They must give her extra time in school to read because every day is just "the best day ever" when she comes home from school and all she wants to do is .... you might guess.

Soren is just Soren. Loving it outside. While Leland and me were playing in the shed. Not playing, working. Soren was playing the whole time next to it with his little water table. He got wet, quite a bit, but it was so nice and warm that Chiara already wanted to switch into her bathsuit.

While all the kids were playing and we were organizing our shed of our first house - did we ever mention that we actually own the property since the end of last month. We are TEXAS homeowners. Who would ever have thought that. ... there were a yummy brisket and sausages smoking on the patio. Leland is really good in BBQ and Smoking. Even the kids loved the meat and that means something. And they want the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Spring break??? No spring here we actually go some more snow this morning!GRRRR!!!!

    Thats true Leland is great in BBQ and smoking......... can I order a smoked turkey for my next visit???? The last one I had was just awesome!

    Great pics!

  2. Yayyyyy gratuliere Euch neuen Homeowners!!! Wir gehen gerade unter die Homesellers lol. Unser Haus ist seit einer Woche auf dem Markt ;-)
    Tolle neue Bilder, freut mich dass es allen gut geht!!! Ganz liebe Gruesse an Euch alle!

  3. Your children are beautiful. I hope you all have a lovely spring break.



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