Sunday, March 28, 2010

picture post - soren

 how many words do you need from me
when you see that smile and these boots
as always and every single day on his feet rain or sunshine?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

spring break impressions - part two

May we introduce Mokka?

A little hungry lamb. It's not so little anymore, this little boy is already growing horns and pretty rough when you steo right out of the door and he is HUNGRY. He still got the bottle we milk formula once a day and the kids we almost fighting over it who got to do it.

Even Soren fed him twice and just LOVED this chore. Which took literally only 30 seconds. It takes longer to warm the water up for the bottle and to fix it. Cream and Coffee are his two sheepish companions. Cream shares his spaces and loves the attention and the food, too. Coffee just got fed through and over the fence. His horns are beautifully grown out, but also painful when getting used on your body. we didn't need to experience that part or trying to catch that sheep.

We called Mokka the longest time a goat, our friends used to have one, but truly they are missing little goats on their farms and also itty bitty chicks and ducklings. We were so tempted at the local feedstore today. These tiny things were just the cutest and especially the ducklings. You just go "aaaaaaaaaaaaa".

But we only left with plants. Honeysuckle and Esperanza. - This time I know the names from the plants I am interested in. LOL.

Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break impressions - part one

We did not travel very far this spring break, but almost daily to a little farm in town to feed all the little critters, pets and animals of our friends who did get go out of town for traveling this school break. I truly think we had way more fun. More weather changes, too, not necessarily, they even had snow we just had sun sun sun and down pouring, mud and three layers of jackets and the wish of gloves on our fingers because of the sudden temperature changes.

But do you the see the line at the chicken coop?
 Do you have so many friends waiting to feed your chickens?
Farmville or Real Life?

But I tell you SOMETHING, the kids thought find these eggs here was better as any golden mystery egg and we got two at once right the first time and at the last day SEVEN. Was a lucky day.

I promise the ponies did get  more as that to eat from Soren.

Chiara loves the ponies. Princess is her favorite, but Romeo here was the one for hugging and she just loved it. These two pictures are my favorites. She is such a horse lover.

Of course what monkey see monkey do, so Soren has to do what Chiara does and Romeo gets an extra portion of hugging. But you never can get enough of that and Soren is even crazier for horses and all animals as both girls combined. Amazingly the animals like him, too.

Cinderella was following Bella all the way up to the hay bails fo a round of jumping before these got soaked. There was always one of the dogs following us wherever we went.  Asking for attention, a pat or a tummy rub.

It was a beautiful evening outside, everybody got fed and we were back the next day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

spring break started yesterday at 3.34 pm

when the girls came running up the driveway screaming "SPRING BREAK" after hopping from the bus. Soren was running towards them ready for a big hug from Chiara and being as excited as them. He was already waiting outside for them in the sun eating ice cream.

Chiara had a good last week of school since her chatting and partner in crime got move to the other side of the classroom and loved showing of her treat out of the treasure box she was able to go to this Friday. She hardly to that necklace/keyring chain or however you call it off and already made her own nametags to attach to it.

Isabell is just glued to her BOOKS, literally. And these Warrior books are thick. All she wants to do is READ and the little sister just can't understand WHY? Ok, she did mix in between watching TV, crafting and playing outside today but all these things just got squeezed in between her reading episodes. They must give her extra time in school to read because every day is just "the best day ever" when she comes home from school and all she wants to do is .... you might guess.

Soren is just Soren. Loving it outside. While Leland and me were playing in the shed. Not playing, working. Soren was playing the whole time next to it with his little water table. He got wet, quite a bit, but it was so nice and warm that Chiara already wanted to switch into her bathsuit.

While all the kids were playing and we were organizing our shed of our first house - did we ever mention that we actually own the property since the end of last month. We are TEXAS homeowners. Who would ever have thought that. ... there were a yummy brisket and sausages smoking on the patio. Leland is really good in BBQ and Smoking. Even the kids loved the meat and that means something. And they want the leftovers for breakfast tomorrow.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Yes, you could easily buy ONE, but ..

  • WHAT would happen to the pack of leftover boxes from the post office taking away space in the garage? Recycling!

  • The EXCITEMENT of the kids because we are cutting up boxes!

  • The SILLYNESS of Soren because he brings his TOY SAW for cutting the cardboard boxes.

  • Seeing their FASCINATION how to create something new and already all ideas - and we can do this and that.
The girls went to bed but the tod kept helping and and working on his project  and choosing papers for the big one so we ended up with all the doggie and kitty and star ones here. And finished with some more glue and tape our paper  and cororin book holder to get some organizing in here. Leland rather would have bought one, but  we denied.

All we needed
  • 3 Priority Mail Boxes about 11 x 13 x 2 3/8 (even used ones are still perfectly good for that project because you cut one side off anyway to make them fitting to your size of your paper, but flat is easier cutting)
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • 4 Pages of Scrapbooking Paper for example

Just as a tip if you ever make one, measure before, our fourth layer was just perfect, just 1/4 inch too high in the shelf, so it got chopped off again.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Monster Chicks in the Making

by little crafty monster called Soren!

He loves scissors already we know that. Crayons a little less, but since going to story time he loves doing crafts and he does them all by himself as soon as he has done one, the tail of a mouse end up as a whisker but which mouse minds? And we own now a collection of puppet mice and ducks from storytime.

Plus he would be a perfect ad boy for Elmer's glue beside the fact that his crafty projects need TWO DAYS drying, because a small dot is just not enough for the tuny google eyes.

Didn't I tell you? Once get started he keeps going and going until the food gets on the table. LOL.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Long time no post

yes we know.

but we will catch up again including our february snow pictures. really.

Last minute as always Soren and Olivia had a playdate, because that's just the best way it works out, if we plan it anyway longer ahead something will come in between. This time we stayed home. Luckily Naheed one of our good JJJ friends was looking for a ideas what to make when her friends came over one morning and Pauline posted a apple pie recipe Soren and me just had to try this morning because it sounded YUMMY, easy and fast. I do not add fool proof.

Soren had fun. Sneaking apples slices in his mouth, mixing sugar and cinnamon, flour and  sugar, letting me forget the egg. So after we had all the apples niecely in the pie form, the sugar cinnamon mix sprinkled over it and the dough mix poured over it it was almost already in the oven ...

... when I poured the whole masterpiece back in the bowl to add our missing egg.
Soren looked at me like I am crazy.
But at least it tasted good at the end.
Soren had a blast playing with Olivia. He loves this sweet girl. She is a month older as him, but he can easily carry her. The play nicely and quiet for one moment and then run screetching through the house that you have to cover your ears.

Thanks for coming over Olivia and Starr.


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