Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the last project of the year - probably

Bella is modeling my last night's done sewing project. One I wanted to make since a little while, but I really had to sneak this one in. I wanted to make this simple apron for myself. I usually do not wear any apron, but there so many beautiful aprons and the simplicity of this one just caught my eye.

Do you see the purple background - that was our main activity the last two or three, four, five, ... including Christmas eve - PAINTING. I sewed the apron while the second layer of the pruple was drying and before we started painting the trim and the doorframes of Chiara's room white. Bella's room is already green now and Soren is happy in his blue room. Right now her carpet is drying before we can move everything back in her room and perhabs can get rid of some of the chaos in the house here that exists in our hallway filled with furniture and toys moved out of the way and by now moved all over the house.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Owl Lover Calendar - free

Owl Lover 2011 Calendar

In 2011 I actually should be all set with calendars right from the start for a change. Even I already have ideas for a calendar a la me for the following year, but that is still in the planning stage, I found an adorable FREE PRINTABLE Owl Lover calender option. You can customize it with choosing with artwork from 30 artist and download your own version. Now I just need to get that file to my printer and can add it to my stack of calendars.

Be aware it's adorable.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

the day after

Bella and Chiara can bicker and fight with each other all day long like typical sisters, but still there are times they just don't want to be without each other. But as soon as they get crafty they are unseparately. Last night they picked up one of Chiara's crafts sets from Christmas and started painting all the walls for the wooded horse-stable set. And first thing this morning they got back to it. 

Of course, Soren sees paints he wants to paint, too. So he got busy painting Santas. One got really green in his face, perhabs a sign of too many cookies the day before. One Santa, two Santas got painted by my happy little artist with the paintbrush. I just doubt our kitten was so happy about being painted in red by Soren  and the necessary bath followed.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Plans alays change ... als fr the FSI - (no typos - just life)

Last Friday morning I was busy sewing on two of my secret little Christmas projects. I had big plans for sewing all evening, but these did definitely interrupted with picking up a little fellow, we named Antonio.

There was simply no chance to get any sewing done that evening. More playing, hugging, snuggling and making friends. By now the little cutiepie als called 'vicious monster' on occasions is sharing and participating in almost every activity in the house. Right now he is either sitting on Soren's lap or climbing on the table between my notebook or on the sewing machine.

By the ay did yu ever nticed h many ''s and ''s are used in the Englisg language?

That was supposed to say:

By the way did you ever notice how many 'o's and 'w's are used in the English language. Those two keys stopped working yesterday n my keyboard and oh my - it is rough just typing  - I learned that there is a virtual keyboard on the computer.

For all the teachers as gift and for a few special people I made 'Spa Pillows'. There a filled with spelt and can be used as cold and warm therapeutic pillow for all kinds of different aches.

And another picture of the little daredevil of the house who just has to be everywhere in the front row, even if that means climbing up on my pants or jumping onto my shirt to reach his goal.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a little bit of xmas deco - just finished

He is the cutest and most precious mas decoration we have, the puppy we the santa hat comes only second .

Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio always has great idea and projects and these little xmas mini quilts are one of them. I fell in love with her idea and just had to try it out almost right away. Chiara is all excited about them and already plans on more for every season especially Halloween - sure if she helps. And I bet she can do it. This is such an easy project with fusible interfacing backed fabric.

I lined them up on a rough string with small colored clothes pins and they already found their place right above our kitchen table. The picture looks kind of plain but from my view here it fits just right. And most of all I enjoyed making them and that's what counts most.

Me too, please.

This month I am taking time to sew when I find it and I also have a few more projects planned in time for xmas.  December's Friday Nights Sew In just sounds perfect for a great evening bonding with my sewing machine and getting more on my projects done. The next date is this Friday, Dec 10th and I am in.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

One xmas project - done

Throughout the year I thought about it and even once a while made tiny little purchases for my best friend's xmas present, which of course was not needed until the end of the year. That seems so long away, but suddenly december was almost there and I had to decide on how to exactly wrap up the little gifts. So, I thought it would be nice to give her a gift that keeps giving all of the month of december until xmas - an Adventskalendar.

While my mom was visiting from germany and I was done with college for the semester I finally had time to get onto my sewing machine again and used lots of colorful felt and crazy numbers. Soren helped selecting some xmas style buttons to sew on for his godmother's presents and after wrapping 24 little presents up so she can't peek - it was ready. Ready to be be hand delivered to Germany. Just in time for Dec 1st.

The Adventskalendar turned out a lot bigger in size as I planned, but it need to fit to what was supposed to go inside. And Karin found a place for it.


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