Sunday, December 26, 2010

the day after

Bella and Chiara can bicker and fight with each other all day long like typical sisters, but still there are times they just don't want to be without each other. But as soon as they get crafty they are unseparately. Last night they picked up one of Chiara's crafts sets from Christmas and started painting all the walls for the wooded horse-stable set. And first thing this morning they got back to it. 

Of course, Soren sees paints he wants to paint, too. So he got busy painting Santas. One got really green in his face, perhabs a sign of too many cookies the day before. One Santa, two Santas got painted by my happy little artist with the paintbrush. I just doubt our kitten was so happy about being painted in red by Soren  and the necessary bath followed.

1 comment:

  1. Wo die Kids das Crafty nur her haben ;-). Soren fand halt, das ein paar rote Strähnen Antonio bestimmt stehen würden - lol!



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