Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the last project of the year - probably

Bella is modeling my last night's done sewing project. One I wanted to make since a little while, but I really had to sneak this one in. I wanted to make this simple apron for myself. I usually do not wear any apron, but there so many beautiful aprons and the simplicity of this one just caught my eye.

Do you see the purple background - that was our main activity the last two or three, four, five, ... including Christmas eve - PAINTING. I sewed the apron while the second layer of the pruple was drying and before we started painting the trim and the doorframes of Chiara's room white. Bella's room is already green now and Soren is happy in his blue room. Right now her carpet is drying before we can move everything back in her room and perhabs can get rid of some of the chaos in the house here that exists in our hallway filled with furniture and toys moved out of the way and by now moved all over the house.

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