Friday, December 17, 2010

Plans alays change ... als fr the FSI - (no typos - just life)

Last Friday morning I was busy sewing on two of my secret little Christmas projects. I had big plans for sewing all evening, but these did definitely interrupted with picking up a little fellow, we named Antonio.

There was simply no chance to get any sewing done that evening. More playing, hugging, snuggling and making friends. By now the little cutiepie als called 'vicious monster' on occasions is sharing and participating in almost every activity in the house. Right now he is either sitting on Soren's lap or climbing on the table between my notebook or on the sewing machine.

By the ay did yu ever nticed h many ''s and ''s are used in the Englisg language?

That was supposed to say:

By the way did you ever notice how many 'o's and 'w's are used in the English language. Those two keys stopped working yesterday n my keyboard and oh my - it is rough just typing  - I learned that there is a virtual keyboard on the computer.

For all the teachers as gift and for a few special people I made 'Spa Pillows'. There a filled with spelt and can be used as cold and warm therapeutic pillow for all kinds of different aches.

And another picture of the little daredevil of the house who just has to be everywhere in the front row, even if that means climbing up on my pants or jumping onto my shirt to reach his goal.

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