Sunday, December 5, 2010

One xmas project - done

Throughout the year I thought about it and even once a while made tiny little purchases for my best friend's xmas present, which of course was not needed until the end of the year. That seems so long away, but suddenly december was almost there and I had to decide on how to exactly wrap up the little gifts. So, I thought it would be nice to give her a gift that keeps giving all of the month of december until xmas - an Adventskalendar.

While my mom was visiting from germany and I was done with college for the semester I finally had time to get onto my sewing machine again and used lots of colorful felt and crazy numbers. Soren helped selecting some xmas style buttons to sew on for his godmother's presents and after wrapping 24 little presents up so she can't peek - it was ready. Ready to be be hand delivered to Germany. Just in time for Dec 1st.

The Adventskalendar turned out a lot bigger in size as I planned, but it need to fit to what was supposed to go inside. And Karin found a place for it.


  1. And I´m excited like a little kid to open the presents every day - lol. Thanks so much again - love and miss ya all!

  2. I love it! A present every day...



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