Monday, November 29, 2010

NOT on today's to-do-list

It looked like a great start of the week - me being uo before 6 am Monday morning, even the first load of laundry was already running a couple minutes after getting up, the kitchen picked up within minutes and the girls are actually getting ready for the school bus peacefully while Soren still snoozes away. No fits yet, no yelling until the daughters of the house leave for the bus and Brynne sneakes out. Usually our puppy is pretty good - okay, that might be stretching the truth, but overall she is getting better at listening outside and not to run off in case Soren let's her out of the fence. She just runs inside. But this morning it was still dark and she ran like a lighting barking at the girls. No big deal, she loves them and they can hold on her until I get there. However that thought was lost when Brynne discovered Vincenzo, the cat of the house and his favorite opponent in the daily cat and dog fights,  and chased after him. Vincenzo stopped and I got my turn trying to catch the puppy, who went the opposite wat all arounf the property. Finally I caught her at the other end and walked through the backyard back and I hear from the bus stop "Good Job, Mami!" Thanks I could have skipped this morning exercise in the dark, especially from that little puppy who is laying lazy next to me, belly side up, wanted to be pat.

Dog, do you want to know something - Chasing you in the darkeness of the morning around the property is for sure NOT on today's to-do-list.

Can we still call this the start of a good week?

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