Wednesday, November 24, 2010

a little bit of everything ...

... is happening here in a not so quiet house. My bakers in training times three are working hard with Oma on the first Christmas cookies of the year. They are prepping the cough dough, rolling, shaping and cutting out cookies. They are busy glazing them with egg yolk and discussing which sprinkles go on top. It already smells good in the house.

In between the first Christmas present is getting finished. Soren is enjoying having his hands my containers of buttons and spilling them onto the table. He helps choosing the buttons we need for our present. The last button is sewed on and we only need to wrap it in lots of paper.

After some more work in the house from laundry to cleaning, to cooking and playing, I might get the chance to check out my little treasure I found a few days ago. Miguel was so nice to part with it after collecting lots of antiques and I need to check it out how well it still works. It is beautiful nevertheless.

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  1. Ein richtiger Schatz! Bin schon auf deinen Nähbericht gespannt: Mal sehen, wann meine alte NäMa endlich mal fertig restauriert sein wird. Kann sich nur noch um Jahre handeln - lol!



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