Thursday, November 11, 2010

semplicemente giallo

Life is complicated. Most of the time. At least it appears like it. It always feels like there are always stones thrown in your way to make you stumble. Eventually you figure out a way, but it takes faith and strength and conquering life step by step. Still with every step you keep adding on more to life instead of making in simpler. Simpler in treasuring what you already have. Simpler in enjoying the simple things in life. I love modern life. What the heck would I do without it. However, it is not everything. Taking a or two step back sometimes might gives us more as just keeping on running faster and faster to more.

The last months were extremely stressful and there was absoluely no time for anything. My head was stuck in school books or writing papers. Even the rare trip to the park with the kids and the dog was in the company of my papers to keep on studying while the kids roamed around and climbed andenjoyed the beautiful weather outside. I am not done, I still have more papers, more exams due and more to come, but I finally can see and do something else for right now, too. My sewing machine was tested after getting overhauled and runs so smoothly. Now I just need time.

However, I found the time to try out something new and the house smelled very intense lemony last night after peeling lots of lemons. It smelled so good. The girls came up one by one to figure out where this aroma came from. I started making Limoncello. The bright yellow color of the lemons was already so appealing and the flavor is just amazing that it just had to cheer you up. In a couple days we can check on our started Limoncello and hopefully add the second part to sample it soon and bring a touch of sunny Sicily in our home.


  1. Viva là Sicily and Limoncello!!!

  2. Oh that sounds really good! I have never had that before, I will have to try it sometime!



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