Friday, March 26, 2010

spring break impressions - part one

We did not travel very far this spring break, but almost daily to a little farm in town to feed all the little critters, pets and animals of our friends who did get go out of town for traveling this school break. I truly think we had way more fun. More weather changes, too, not necessarily, they even had snow we just had sun sun sun and down pouring, mud and three layers of jackets and the wish of gloves on our fingers because of the sudden temperature changes.

But do you the see the line at the chicken coop?
 Do you have so many friends waiting to feed your chickens?
Farmville or Real Life?

But I tell you SOMETHING, the kids thought find these eggs here was better as any golden mystery egg and we got two at once right the first time and at the last day SEVEN. Was a lucky day.

I promise the ponies did get  more as that to eat from Soren.

Chiara loves the ponies. Princess is her favorite, but Romeo here was the one for hugging and she just loved it. These two pictures are my favorites. She is such a horse lover.

Of course what monkey see monkey do, so Soren has to do what Chiara does and Romeo gets an extra portion of hugging. But you never can get enough of that and Soren is even crazier for horses and all animals as both girls combined. Amazingly the animals like him, too.

Cinderella was following Bella all the way up to the hay bails fo a round of jumping before these got soaked. There was always one of the dogs following us wherever we went.  Asking for attention, a pat or a tummy rub.

It was a beautiful evening outside, everybody got fed and we were back the next day.

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  1. Tolle Bilder!!! Sieht aus, als hätten die Kids ihren Spass gehabt. Farming real live ist viel besser ;-)



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