Thursday, February 4, 2010

Being MIA and some Common Sense

It has been a while since words or pictures found a way on our blog.


we were busy.

First and then gone.

And now just stressed and busy. There is a lot going on.

A few thing stay the same. my little get away is still my sewing machine and I sneak a fw minutes in the last two days  to get some work done for the two swaps crazy me sign up. But as they are secret I can't show any of them yet. But soon.

Chiara is sick and home the second day in a row. Living of crackers and snuggles, mainly Soren's. On his little couch he is sharing with he not so easily and easily on the big couch.

Soren is still Soren. He is still not really talking. A little babble here and there. Lots of screaming and screeching. We have to work with him and also do speech therapy "homework".


Picture of a Sheep
Me: Bah
Soren: Bah

Picture of a Bay
Me: Bay
Soren: Bay

Picture of a Bee
Me: Bee

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