Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It wasn't the kid this time, but the cat


Today is one of those days when I can hardly keep my eyes open and get started, because we had another night of coughing, throwing up and Soren is still sick. He us not as miserable as yesterday, but clingy and whining all the time, especially when his nose is running -  the world is going under.

So we cancelled all appointments for today and tomorrow. And that after I finally had one with the college advisor. Life.


Soren is falling asleep next to me while I am typing still going "Maaaaaaaamaaa". Because the nose does just not stop running. Nope he is awake again, because I moved the BOOK.


The cats are helping out a lot today, too, not just with going in and out every 5 minutes if possibly wanting the door opened, also dumping water glasses over and soaking everything close by - cell phone, book, the last roll of papertowels, clothes. Thanks.

Pictures were taken on Saturday morning, before breakfast, but with all the fog it was just beautiful to go outside.

Now he is sleeping still holding the book open laying almost on top of me.

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  1. Ohje - ich kann mich noch dran erinnern wie es im November war, als der kleine Stöpsel krank war! Ich wünsch ihm eine Gute Besserung! Und dir wieder etwas mehr Zeit zum Schlafen



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