Thursday, February 4, 2010

It can be cold in San Antonio

Friday was a busy day. With packing up for three rugrats, my stuff - I let Leland get his own as long as there are clean items available and cleaning house. We were leaving for the weekend down south in the evening, but I knew the end of the weekend our landlords were planning on stopping by to say Hi. Of course, they want to check on their house. At my return I found out that are selling the house. Mmmm. 

I can't believe it was so freaking cold we actualling used gloves and mittens.
- Alamo Park -

We left, got to know a weird way to get to Sutherland Springs/Stockdale (tja - Mud) and an easy way to get back thanks to Danyelle. Had a great time in San Antonio with Danyelle playing tourists.

We might have to keep the tradition up to go to the Alamo every January after we are truly stuck in TX now.
- Alamo Park -

It was time to take a local on a sight seeing tour. We love the park around the Alamo and strolling along the Riverwalk. All by feet, no car required. Okay, by riverboat, too, for the kids sake or ours. lol.

- Riverwalk -

We stopped for lunch right here because the kids were starving and it was yummy, just don't ask me how the restaurant was called. Why we picked it? Because I refused to go inside the loud and noisy Rainforest something cafe when we are actually at the Riverwalk as last time. I am neither crazy about the food nor about the noise level, so we quickly passed that one and came across this one with the balcony on the second floor to sit outside in the sun, blankets provided - remember we still wore gloves an hour earlier. LOL. But this is Texas right. And being on the second floor stopped Soren from running or falling into the river.

- All three make an aweful face even the got to sot and food and drinks!!!
And she be fool proof for pictures by now!!! -

We even found our way easily into downtown just not out of the mall there. How many women have that probably? Help was required.

- Riverwalk -

We did explore the Hemisphere Park with its old buildings and an awesome climbing area. The kids had a blast. 

- Hemphisphere Park -

When we left we got to see Cinderella's carriage and the girls we all excited and got to bed the horse, too. But is it not supposed to be white?

More pictures you can see in my facebook album right here.

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  1. Endlich mal wieder auf deinem Blog schmöckern ;-) Schöne Bilder - trotz der Kälte haben alle ein lächeln......



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