Tuesday, March 31, 2009

nothing new

It was a busy day today right from the start, just like yesterday, and just like tomorrow and the following already has a list of errands planned in my head if appointments don't come in between.

After taking lots of photos today for the playgroup at the YMCA I would love to work on these. It's itching in my fingers. But these have to wait because I have actually work to do, besides the piles of laundry which are still waiting here for tomorrow to come.

At least spring and summer temperatures are here in Texas. The kids are wearing skirts and capri pants again in between some cooler days and the thick winter jackets and hats are banned in the closet until next year. Soren's favorite occupation is opening the front door and just going outside to hang out on the front porch or keep ringing the door bell. If i join him outside he goes back inside and tries to lock me out. He knows unfortunately very well how our locks work, so a safety plan for a second key is in works because Daddy can't rescue Mommy when she is locked out with his key!

The nest ist still inside the bird house a little bird decide to built inside our decoration at the old house, perhabs this year another one will pick it as a home again.

Update #1: We are still on restricted water supply. ---> Do boil drinking water until further notice!
Update #2: By the way, the kids loved the rainbow cake, but you are get NO picture because it didn't turn out. It had the inside texture of chewing gum. But we definitely will make another rainbow cake but with eggs and oil and no diet soda. The colors turned out great. And I have the feeling that the girls won't even need me for making the next one beside putting it in and out the oven.

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  1. LOL about the cake having the texture of chewing gum. Oh, well.



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